After Leo "fired on" Camp Jupiter
  • Piper: Hey. This is not the time to blame Leo.
  • Leo: Thank you, my-
  • Annabeth: You're right. There will be plenty of time to blame Leo later, when this is resolved.

I love Percy and Annabeth’s friendship. Let’s push away the couple stuff. They are also extremely good friends. In the Sea of Monsters during the Siren scene, Annabeth fully trusted Percy to tie her up and let her listen to the sirens, and after he held her under water as she cried into his shoulder. Percy said during either Sea of Monsters or Titans Curse that he couldn’t stand seeing Annabeth hurt, because they had been through so much together, or something along those lines.

They’re the power couple because they are also best friends.


Let’s, Um, Fight Stuff: A Percy Jackson Playlist

1. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty
2. I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers
3. House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots
4. I’ve Just Seen A Face by The Beatles
5. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
7. San Francisco by The Mowgli’s
8. Atlas by Coldplay
9. Underground by Cody Fry
10. Immortals by Fall Out Boy
11. Home by American Authors
12. Superheroes by The Script
13. Oasis by A Great Big World
14. Run Boy Run by Woodkid
15. This is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars
16. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons


there’s nothing that i wouldn’t do, i’ll find my way back to you

He didn’t think much of fates and prophecies, but he did believe in one thing: Annabeth and he were supposed to be together.

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percy and annabeth going on a super romantic date, and finishing it off with a boat ride at sunset- only to realize annabeth gets horribly seasick.

Somehow I feel like a little part of Percy would shrivel up and die at the idea of Annabeth having any sort of aversion to water. Water is his life, and damn it, he thought a boat ride on the lake would be romantic.