Who you should fight:Shaman King edition part 1

Yoh: I don’t get why you would want to fight this sweet, precious creature but your life is yours.You will probably lose but won’t get badly hurt. Unless you hurt his friends but even then he will leave you alive, which is more then you can say for most people in Shaman King. And if you somehow win, he won’t hold it against you. Most likely will ask you to celebrate  your victory.

Manta: I mean, you can win against him? Worst that can happen is that he will hit you with some heavy book. But wouldn’t you feel bad- it’s hardly fair fight. Plus his friends will beat you up later so don’t fight him.

Anna:Ha. Hahaha. Haha. No. Are you insane?

Ren: he is strong and skilled so it will likely end badly but you have no choice, because sooner or later he will challenge you anyway. If it happens, beware tongari and go for milk.

Horohoro: He may look stupid, but you are gonna get buried under avalanche. But like Yoh it will all be good fun as long as you don’t harm nature. Then pneumonia will be least of your worries.

Chocolove: Same as Horo. He may look stupid but remember that he is strongest of main characters. He is good natured too so not lots of broken bones. If you are desperate, insult his jokes and hit while he is stunned.

Ryou: Well he is strong but too used to following orders. Put some hot person in front of him or attack hair and it’s finished.

Faust: He is nice but also insane. he is medic and can revive people so you aren’t gonna be so bad by the end of it. Just be careful how you treat his wife.On second thought, do not fight Faust.

Tamao: Why you monster??!!!

Lyserg: Depends on day. he can be nice but he can also smash you with Big Ben. Just try to avoid him while he is in crazy X-Law phase and don’t mention his parents.

Iron Maiden Jeanne: First of all, why would you want to do that? Second, this girl spends her free time in Iron Maiden and wields instruments of torture with perfection. Long,brutal and painful death awaits you. Not to mention she’s got entire cult serving her. Though if you aren’t enemy she could revive you. You could presumably shock her or go for her friends but that’s really low move.

Hao:…Ha. Ha ha. Hahaha…. You are serious? You sweet summer child. I suppose if you are suicidal and want your very soul eradicated and burned to ashes, he is perfect opponent. If not run as fast as you can.


okok but

can we talk about how Yoh is always thinking about Anna? we know they already act as if they were married but he’s always like keeping in mind what will Anna think if he does certain things, they take important decisions together, and that’s what i like about them they are not your typical couple that it’s all lovey-dovey, they barely have any romantic situations (they still have them tho) but you just know they care deeply for each other and their love ;u;