Anna cosplay


To start off we would like to notate that the design and colors we chose for this outfit are based off of the concept art and what we thought would look nice together.

The bodice is made from the same pattern as Elsa’s Snow Queen bodice. It is fully lined and steel boned and has a zipper down the side and not the back. Putting the zipper in the side allowed for us to place the design on the back without any problems. The top and bottom edging is hand cut bias tape from a green dupioni silk. We felt that the silk edging the velvet would give a beautiful contrast of materials. The sleeves are a pleated teal silk that is edged in a simple white lace. The bodice design was cut like the skirting designs with heat n’ bond and then fixed into position. On top of the detailing we placed multiple sizes of Swarovski crystals to give a little extra.

This is me as everyone’s favorite Snow Queen and Princess!

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Marks and Rec: Misc #923

(Dialogue from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)

🎶Making today a perfect day for yooooou! 🎶

Who else is hella hyped for the new Frozen on Broadway?! I’ve been seeing bits of the costumes and more Frozen cosplay miiiiiiight be planned for next year…and not just Elsa 😜

Big thanks to Popsugar for this photo at #wondercon2017! @catamancycosplay and I reeeeeally need to get more photos together in this!