Anna cosplay


Series: Sailor Moon / Movie: Frozen

Cosplay: Sailor Anna by Tinka Cosplay

Photography: By Kat W

“In the name of Arendelle I shall punish you!”

A member of my cosplay group Nostalchicks Group Cosplay, Tinka Cosplay, doesn’t have a tumblr so I am posting on her behalf! Tinka is in a group with girls who are full on obsessed with Sailor Moon and she is full on obsessed with Anna from Frozen. So she decided that so she had a cosplay to go to when we did the outer scouts she would be a combo - Sailor Anna! She even gave Sven a crescent moon mark and told everyone he was a Moon-deer. When anyone would ask she would say that she and Sven are auditioning to be a Sailor Scout!

For more photos her facebook is and for group shots/outer scouts here is our group page




So this past week we decided to finally start our costumes from Disney’s new animated film, Frozen. Up first is Anna’s green coronation gown, oh my goodness there is so many different shades of green on this dress and ever image changes color slightly. After running around the fabric store we finally decided on the base materials; an olive green sateen, light celadon green satin, and a stiff hunter green rodeo fabric. Thankfully we were able to get all of the design pieces from materials we already had the right colors for.

Figuring out the base construction for this dress was pretty easy, but putting it together took a lot more time then expected. There are a total of 60 panels sewn together in this skirt to make the different colored sections into boxed pleats. 

The designs were hand drawn first on a paper mock up of a panel and then cut out into a custom stencil that was then used to trace the design onto heat n’ bonded material. Cutting the little pieces took many hours to do and we made the mistake of not tracing enough of the pieces in certain directions. afterwards they were measured and painstakingly laid out of the pleated sections and steamed into place. 

We still have a long way to go, but so far we are very happy with this dress.


To start off we would like to notate that the design and colors we chose for this outfit are based off of the concept art and what we thought would look nice together.

The bodice is made from the same pattern as Elsa’s Snow Queen bodice. It is fully lined and steel boned and has a zipper down the side and not the back. Putting the zipper in the side allowed for us to place the design on the back without any problems. The top and bottom edging is hand cut bias tape from a green dupioni silk. We felt that the silk edging the velvet would give a beautiful contrast of materials. The sleeves are a pleated teal silk that is edged in a simple white lace. The bodice design was cut like the skirting designs with heat n’ bond and then fixed into position. On top of the detailing we placed multiple sizes of Swarovski crystals to give a little extra.


Anna Cosplay Progress
More progress on my Anna cosplay!! <3 After spending 5 hours on adding volume to the wig, I’m finally happy with it! :3
Also almost finished with the dress! <3 Hurray! Of course there are a few things I’d like to redo, but overall I really like it! <3
I took a lot of detailed photos during the making, so I might be writing an detailed report on it after Animuc, if anyone’s interested! <3
Can’t wait to be Anna! *_*


Traci Hines & Brendan Bradley - Love Is An Open Door

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Love is an open door part .2

Anna as Bekka

Hans(general ver) as Savannah

Hans(conoration ver) as Gaines Good news,we found him!

Photo and Editing by me

We met each other in the lobby of the hotel across the street to Orange County Convention Center.Bekka and this cute boy were actually SINGING love is an open door in the lobby that afternoon!

I thought the background is a bit weird so I put some cute snowflakes and frame brushes on the pic.