bookwormm03  asked:

Whats your favorite picture of Adam Scott? Also, what is your favorite Leslie and Ann moment?

Yes, thank you for asking me this! 

First, I’ll answer your second question, as it’s way easier than picking a favorite Adam pic. 

It’s the scene in Citizen Knope when Tom makes the word cloud of Ann’s name is much larger than Ben’s. Because suck it Ben. But also Ann’s face at Leslie loving her is so great and sweet and I love it.

Now for the hard part: I’m not going to choose just one because that’s impossible but I’ve narrowed it down to three. (Thank god this wasn’t gifs, otherwise we would be here all day) 

1: Green Jacket. 

First, this whole photoshoot is like, so ridiculous. He’s standing in a field? Like why? Also he’s probably stoned, also what the fuck is his hair? and the green jacket is Also the jaw could cut you so don’t look directly at it.

So naturally I love it. It has inspired many/most of the young Bens. 

2: Adam Scott: Professional! Or Adam Scott; Grumpy Werewolf. this is the most I’ve ever been attracted to him.

3: Just.. no. Also this is cradle of love Ben so. yeah. Booooo.