Time was winding down for her pregnancy since she knew she wouldn’t be able to carry full term and she really just wanted to wait it out till Monty 1st birthday was over, but with how she had to finally take her maternity leave from work because of how heavy the babies got she wasn’t so sure. 

Maternity leave had been hell for her because she was used to working and since she had to limit that since she was basically banned from the office she spent her time looking up baby names and nursery ideas for her baby girls and baby boy, however today was different.

Her and Nasir had just left her, now weekly, doctors appointment to make sure the babies weren’t running out of space and still developing well. After leaving their appointment Nasir said he had a work thing he needed to do.

Nasir had been slowly gathering new clientele and even some of his old ones who he worked with while still at his old company were seeking him out and helping him to start his own little one man company, which made her beam with pride. So when he asked her to tag along with him after a sudden phone call while leaving the doctor for a work matter she didn’t hesitate to tag along. I mean what else was she to do? Stay on simtrest all day? 

After driving for what felt like no time, which was odd since she hadn’t been to this part of town, he pulled up to a huge house with a security gate outside. 

“Oh my gosh! This is your clients place?!”

“It was. He selling the place and wanted me to update the system to the place before he put it on the market.”

“Oh look at my baby! Updating systems, making homes safe, being chocolaty and fine.”

Laughing as he parked inside the gate and helped her out the car before giving her a kiss on the lips, “I don’t think the chocolate part is going to sell the house.”

“I’d buy it if you came with it.” she said smacking him on the ass as he lead her around the front garden.

“Nah im already owned.” he said looking around.

“Baby! This house is gorgeous! Who even live here?! Like this is like house goals!”

“Girl don’t play I’ll buy it for you!”

“Nasir I will add another baby to the mix in these bushes RIGHT NOW! Don’t play!” she said swatting his arm as they made their way to the door missing the look of excitement on his face.  

“So its okay for me to be here with you today?”

“Yea they know you coming, I told them we had a doctors appointment today.”

“Oh okay cool.” she said looking around as he unlocked the door.

Stepping inside she gasped audibly, again missing the excitement in Nasir eyes.


“Do you like it?”

“Like it I LOVE it!” she said wanting to go explore badly. 

“Go baby.”


“Yea, my job here, just look around its empty and going on the market in a month, so whats the harm.”

Letting that move her feet she was off wobbling and exploring. 

“Four beds, three full baths, and two half baths. Two offices, a laundry room, updated kitchen, garage, and family friendly backyard with a pool.”

Whistling impressed as she continued to explore. 

“Baby! Why would someone move from here?”

“He said they got it back when his mom lived in town, but after she retired she moved to sunlight tide so she can be in the sun all day.” 

“How cute!”

“Thats what I said.”

“But why move?” 

“They just wanted to be back in the city and plus their kids were teens and wanted to be back with their friends so they had no ties here.”

“How unfortunate for this house.”

“Why you say that?”

“Because it just seems like there is so much care into updating it just to leave it you know? And you can tell it has been just updated inside by the vines out front that gives it that nice feel.”

“You have a point. Almost done baby.”

“Take your tim….LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN POOL!”

“Nice right!?”

“Oh baby it is! I love this house so much!!”

“I wonder what their selling for?”


“Come here!” he yelled from the other room as she stole one more glance out the floor to ceiling windows that took her breath away.

Walking back into the living room she seen him getting on his knee and started to hyperventilate and did the one thing that came to mind, act natural as possible.

“What you looking for down there?”

“Oh you know, our future.”


“Anita! I am so happy you love this house because I asked the guy to hold off on putting it on the market so you can see it first in exchange for updating the system for half off.”


Watching him shine to her saying ‘our’ made her heart pitter patter as he looked her in the eyes.

“Should I call him up and put in an offer?”


“Well… I know last time you denied me, and for good reason, and baby I don’t have a ring to present to you today, and I was hoping the day he needed me to do the install would be after your custom ring was finished, but hopefully this house will shine brighter then the ring I want to sit on your finger. Anita Howard, will you do me and this house the honor of making our family complete and marrying me.”

Standing there shocked and tears falling down her face she noded.


“I mean only if you want to.”

“Do I just chill on my knees for fun?”

“I mean……..” she said making them both laugh as she wiped her face.

“Girl I will take your fine ass up against that window! You better behave!”

“Oh, but won’t those poor bushes out front feel neglected.” she said as he got off his knee and pulled her into his arms.

“Well I’m sure these will be your bushes so I think we’ll have enough time to get to them too.” he said leaning his face into hers as he looked in her eyes.

“Oh thats right, because if that rings sucks this house gonna have to make up for it so you better make sure we get it.” she joked making him smack her on the ass and kissing her on the lips. 

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Janet King is back and all the lesbians are alive and having sex

Janet King Review / Recap S3.01

Janet King is back for a third season, and if you haven’t seen it you are missing out. This is Janet King on the screen, the way I’ve been dreaming about her.

Sadly, I missed the start because I turned the tv on and it was men talking about sport, so I went out into the kitchen to stock up on snacks. When I came back, I realised that the sport talk was part of some sort of court case and Janet was on the screen! Almost as importantly, next to her, was Ellen Mackenzie, I mean BIANCA. And she wasn’t wearing her “in disguise as a straight person” earrings.

As this was the beginning of an eight part season, I began to try to pay attention to the plot. The biggest surprise was that Poor Woman’s Stephen Fry is on the other team this year. He’s arguing against Janet in court.

The camera panned around and there were a number of familiar faces, and some expository dialogue to explain who’s who. Janet’s been in Fiji with the UN for two years, other people have had babies, changed jobs, etc. There are lots of well-known faces, many of which were on tv last Thursday night in Seven Types of Ambiguity, and pretty much every other show ever made, so all the explanation helps me out. This small pool of actors/actresses is what can help make Australian tv so rich, because of all the possibilities that open up if these shows are thought exist in the one universe. It’s why I am fully accepting that Bianca is just Mac from Stingers, all grown up. This time however we’ve expanded the borders and PC Garfield from the Bill is in sitting in court…

A new face to this franchise is Susie Porter. I squeed when her name came up on screen. But, when did that round-faced, freckled-faced young woman I had pictures of everywhere when I was a teenager, become old enough to play the slightly-corrupt, gin-soaked matriarch??

OMG. Forget about plot. Forget about Susie Porter. The bits you’ve seen giffed by now, started. JANET AND BIANCA BEING MUMMIES AT LITTLE ATHLETICS!

Hold on tight, because when Bianca and Janet are together outside the courtroom, it’s not in our imaginations, it’s not just touching; there is kissing. And more kissing. It is kissing well beyond anything required by the plot, well beyond anything that any straight person has got to do this ep.

Back in series one I was the downer who, rather than being excited by a lesbian as the titular character on a show, was angry that Ash and Janet showed so little affection in the first ep that many people thought that Ash was the nanny! (Meanwhile straight characters were humping and thrusting at every opportunity). So, all this gratuitous queer snogging is making me excited intellectually, and in other ways.

The show returns to plot. Sport, corruption, blah blah blah. Luckily Janet and Bianca are on screen a lot, and Janet knows so little about sport that there’s plenty of plot-necessary exposition for those of us who’ve been distracted.

THEN, FANFICTION HAPPENS. (Honestly, I wrote this once. I swear.)

Basically, there’s some sort of work reason for Janet and Bianca to go to Melbourne and stay in a hotel. They have to swagger down the hallway. They have to cutely get inside the door. They have to have a bath. Together. And kiss. And Janet has to kill the mood, because she’s Janet King, but by now Bianca knows to let it go, and wait for her girlfriend’s mind to switch back to the good stuff, and then there’s more kissing and some giggling. And maybe some talking, but I was completely distracted by trying to breathe and tweet and not die all that the same time.

Cut away to the moon, and then to Janet and Bianca in bed the next morning, holding hands.

More sport.

Janet Does Not Enjoy Sport. Neither am I: there are too many men on the screen. Bring Back the Lesbians, I yell at the tv.

Meanwhile, in the land of plot. Poor Women’s Stephen Fry is getting flirted with by someone called Lucy. Lucy turns out to be the gf of someone else. As to be expected. Straight white men do not do well in this show. This is shaping up to be 99% queer women and Muslims and twitter is going wild.

Some more new characters come and go, but as there are already two queer women, I naively assumed that all these ones are straight and failed to concentre very hard, until I remembered that this is Janet King, and this universe has had space for multiple queers before.

I’m not the only one struggling with plot and all the new characters. Everyone I follow on twitter has long ago stopped trying. We’re still processing that bath scene from twenty minutes ago. However, some themes for the series are clearly emerging: parents and children, and when does doing a favour for a mate become corruption.

The episode ended with a death, but, as @PBearfiftyfive pointed out on twitter, at least it wasn’t Bianca!

See you next week!