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George makes a snorting sound.

George: You didn’t answer any of my calls or reply to my text. What was I supposed to do?
Anita: Gee, I don’t know. Take the hint, maybe?

George regards her with an expression that gravitates between hurt and frustration.

George: I was concerned about you. I rang you at the station and they told me you hadn’t turned up to work today. Then I found out you’re taking extended long service leave. You want to tell me why?

Anita is about to tell him go to hell and that it isn’t any of his business, until she remembers that she made it his business. She looks him straight in the eye and takes a breath.

Anita: George, last night when I was with Austin I snapped. My mind literally broke. I have no memory of stabbing him at all, and that terrifies me. Do you see, George? I’m not fit to go back to work. I could kill somebody. That’s why I’m going on extended leave.

George’s cold clear stare is drilling through all her defenses. She imagines how effective it would be during an interrogation.

George: I was right. This is something to do with Jim, isn’t it?
Anita: I’m not going to talk about Jim. Jim’s dead, George. He’s dead. He has a son, who is lovely, and who only has nice memories of his father. I’m moving on with my life. Let it go.

They glare at each other. George sets his jaw and shakes his head.

George: You don’t want to talk about Jim, fine. But you obviously need therapy, Anita. Whatever trauma you went through, it isn’t the sort of thing you can just sweep under the carpet-
Anita: Thanks for your advice, George. I’ll think about it. Now, can you please leave? I’ve got rather a lot to do.

George continues to stand there. He shifts his weight and scratches at the stubbly grey hairs on his scalp. 

Anita: What?
George: Look, I was worried today that the reason you didn’t turn up to work was something to do with me.

Anita waits. 

George: I just want you to know that…if you think you owe me anything, you don’t. There’s no tab, Anita.
Anita: Okay.
George: Good. I just wanted to make that understood. Take care, Anita.

She allows herself to give him a small smile. He walks back to his car, and she watches him until he drives away.


After Joël has left Anita turns her phone back on. There are several missed calls from George, and one text asking if she’s okay. A voicemail message from her boss asking her to go in and sign some papers so he can grant her long service leave.  Another voicemail message from Saffy, asking her where she is. She rings Saffy and tells her that she decided not to go back to work today. And that she spent the night at Joël’s.
Saffron: Shut up! Weren’t you supposed to be having dinner with that other guy? The one with the motorbike?
Anita: Yeah, I did. But…I had to face facts. It wasn’t really working. We just weren’t compatible.
Saffron: Wow. I just can’t believe Joël took you back.

It had been a few days since Nasir had last seen Anita in the coffee shop, and though he came to terms with it, he still waited a couple of days before contacting her. 

It wasn’t because he wanted to keep her waiting, but because he wanted her to know he put real thought into their situation.

He knew the moment she walked out that coffee shop that he wanted to have her and their family forever.

So when he called her that morning to see when she wanted to meet up and where she said she would meet him for lunch by her office.

Seeing her walk up he was really starting to wonder if she realized she couldn’t be out her looking that fine. He wasn’t sure why but knowing she was carrying his child made her strut, the sway of her hips, and the bounce of her chest just so much more arousing. 

That was the mother of his child looking like walking sex and success.

Waving her over when she started to look around for him, she smiled and headed toward him. 

Yo Anita. You know your pregnant right?

Whats that supposed to mean?

Well one your in heels, and two you out her letting my son’s milk supply get cold!”


Hell yea! Imma finally have my Nasir Jr!

Nasir what makes you think I want all my kids to be boys?

Look, all of them don’t have to be boys, but just this one and then we can work on the girls.

“WORK ON GIRLS?! Nasir how many times you thinking of getting me pregnant?!

You said we together for life right? Well why not have us a house full?

Nasir do you need to meet some other time? I did not leave the office to listen to a deranged man tell me how he gonna juice me up and im not even out of this pregnancy yet.

Girl look at you though. You carry so fuckin well, like girl if we werent in public!

SHUT UP!” she screamed covering her mouth as she laughed.

Nah, but forreal. I have thought about this thoroughly and Anita I want our child. I want our family. Me, you, Montrell, Jr. I want all of it and more.


No Anita I’m serious. I can’t live without you.

We have a whole ass family to raise! How are you going to not have me around?

No I mean I want us to build this family Anita. I want to be with ya’ll, to watch you give birth to our child.


Yes and all of our future children, Montrell is going to be such a great big brother, but im glad we on the same page. I want bout four more after this so you know we gotta get to work.

Uhhh well…..” 

But lets get finished with this child first.

Children Nasir.

Yea we just….” 

No Nasir. CHILDREN. You want to get done with these children first.


Nasir we’re having triplets.


Because I didn’t want it to effect your decision. Is it effecting it?

FUCK NO! I still want our family, but I….Anita….triplets?!

Look I didn’t juice myself, and all in one night at that.


Nasir…stop  being loud!” she said looking around at the other people out for lunch, looking like his present past and future.

Marry me.

NIGGA WHAT?!” she said whipping around to look him in the face.

Marry me.

Nigga, I did not tell you about our kids for you to feel like you have a responsibility…….

Wohhhh slow your roll baby mama.” he said garnering him a side eye. 

Even if you werent pregnant and let alone with triplets, I would have asked you the same question.

Nasir I……

“I love you Anita, more then I ever knew and it has nothing to do with our…our triplets on the way. Anita I look at you and I see my future, I see my happiness, I see the love you have for me even after everything I have done and will do. Anita, Marry me.

Watching her as she seemed to think and watching a many of emotions cross her face she finally looked to me, looking me in the eyes and sighing.


Wait what?” 

Look i need to get back to the office.

Wait Anita…what?” he asked as he watched her gather her stuff and get up.

Anita I don’t….

Nasir just no.”

Anita its not because of our babies, its really because I love you, I can’t live without you.

Watching her stop and look back at me she smiled slightly. 

And you won’t, however you still disrespected me Nasir. How you talked down to me during that argument I would have honestly just took as you being in the moment, but it was still extremely disrespectful and add that to how you always quick to jump to your own conclusions no matter what I do, I just…I…just no Nasir.

I’m sor……

I have to go Nasir. I’ll be in contact.” was the last thing she said and then she was off leaving him there feeling like shit, because with that situation he forgot how it could have hurt her and because of that he accepted her no. But that didn’t mean he was giving up.  

Anita was put on the earth for him and he knew although he fucked up he would work to be worthy of her and her love.