hey pals!!!! i finished my little animation for school :^) it’s a little short just about my jumbled thoughts this year

i had a lot of fun and worked really hard haha hope you enjoy

song: In Love With A Ghost - Healing

I wanted to do a quick animoot, so here’s a scene from one of Sebastians heart events–He’s not even my fav but I really wanted to do rain SO–!! (It’s quite rough, like all my animoots hue)

I accidentally made it really similar to that Ichimatsu gif I made a bit ago (turn and bounce) but that’s what I get for not planning anything lol. I might make a separate blog for this art since it lends itself to being very self indulgent, but we’ll see!


hey pals heres my final for studio :^o


What a mess

Thank you guys sooooo much for your patience and understanding!! I know this one took a long time, but I really hope you guys like it!

Special Thanks to:
@kukubear  – for the suggestion! Sorry for the wait!
@fishy-bob – for being my pal and dealing with me every day! QQ
And imnotevenapanda – a fellow Game Grumps animator (and animator in general)! Go check his stuff, he’s cool!
And especially, the guy on the Adobe forums that single-handedly saved this animation when the file became corrupted upon exporting. The hero this world needs, but doesn’t deserve Q_Q


Thanks a lot, Bloodborne.

Hey guys! Phew, last one of the summer, though I’m sorry it’s not a full animation to any degree. Still, I hope you enjoy this animatic! :D

That phone number speaks to every animator’s soul. (P.S. It’s not a real number, don’t call it!) brownie points if you figure out what it means


Star Power!!! B)

Hey guys, I’ve returned! You’re all so wonderful and patient for sticking with me even through the lull of a semester, so I present this new Game Grumps animated for you to celebrate! I hope you enjoy it! :))

Can you spot all the guest grumps?


the video i made for the self-worth project last year :0