What a mess

Thank you guys sooooo much for your patience and understanding!! I know this one took a long time, but I really hope you guys like it!

Special Thanks to:
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And imnotevenapanda – a fellow Game Grumps animator (and animator in general)! Go check his stuff, he’s cool!
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Dear readers, if you hate talking animals, avert your eyes! this story is about things like that. In particular, about a talking rat named Charles.

Chapter 1: Introduce Yourself, Charles!

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Hullo! my name is Charles Xavier and this is my sister, Raven. as you can see, Raven is a Mutant! that’s why she’s blue.

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Today, I graduated from my degree in genetics! I hope to use my knowledge to help people understand more about people like me!

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In the future, Mutants became accepted by everyone!

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I dream of a day when people and talking animals (and mutants) can co-exist together in harmony!

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But sadly, talking animals (especially rats) are not really accepted by the public. (although I heard of one that had a successful career as a chef!)

But one day, I met someone like me.

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I was in a cruise with Raven when I saw a shark drowning! he was yelling something in German and trying hard to pull something out of the water.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes! Someone like me!

So I shook off my coat and dove in to save him!

External image


Also: you can hover your mouse over a bold word to read some extra notes! Hello guys! This is possibly the last big adventure of Charles the rat, glad you stucked around! I had fun drawing the animals. The moral lesson is: I don’t want rats cooking my food.

-C :D


Hey everybody! The adventures of Buttlet may be over, but the stories live on! This time in full color, and with a little extra movement. I hope you enjoy the newest fanimation! :D


Aoi Honoo (Blue Flame) is a new drama based off the semiautobiographical comic by infamously hot-blooded artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto

The comic focuses around the ferociously motivated (and somewhat naive) illustrator Moryou Honoo and his struggles to surpass his incredibly talented classmate Hideaki Anno –yes, that Hideaki Anno.

Both the comic and the show are comedic (the director previously did the hilarious The Hero Yoshihiko), but also it’s Pretty Damn Real if you’re a  illustrator/comicker/animator.

Go watch it right now, it’s raining on my face and it’s only the first episode, etc etc. It’s a real treat for old school animation/comic fans and artists in general.


Thanks a lot, Bloodborne.

Hey guys! Phew, last one of the summer, though I’m sorry it’s not a full animation to any degree. Still, I hope you enjoy this animatic! :D

That phone number speaks to every animator’s soul. (P.S. It’s not a real number, don’t call it!) brownie points if you figure out what it means