hey pals!!!! i finished my little animation for school :^) it’s a little short just about my jumbled thoughts this year

i had a lot of fun and worked really hard haha hope you enjoy

song: In Love With A Ghost - Healing

I wanted to do a quick animoot, so here’s a scene from one of Sebastians heart events–He’s not even my fav but I really wanted to do rain SO–!! (It’s quite rough, like all my animoots hue)

I accidentally made it really similar to that Ichimatsu gif I made a bit ago (turn and bounce) but that’s what I get for not planning anything lol. I might make a separate blog for this art since it lends itself to being very self indulgent, but we’ll see!


hey pals heres my final for studio :^o

fuckhardm8  asked:

Hows othertale going more specifically how are you doing I know animating can be stressfull

What? What are you talking abou-


-itz goinz alrite! I hav su muuuch fun animooting! Beeecuuuzzzz i animooot othertaleee

Andzzz i amz creatuuurrr of othertaleeeee

Iznt dat rite @superyoumna?!?!!!


I animooted a thing.


What a mess

Thank you guys sooooo much for your patience and understanding!! I know this one took a long time, but I really hope you guys like it!

Special Thanks to:
@kukubear  – for the suggestion! Sorry for the wait!
@fishy-bob – for being my pal and dealing with me every day! QQ
And imnotevenapanda – a fellow Game Grumps animator (and animator in general)! Go check his stuff, he’s cool!
And especially, the guy on the Adobe forums that single-handedly saved this animation when the file became corrupted upon exporting. The hero this world needs, but doesn’t deserve Q_Q