Some of you may know the sad story of being a rather small person who wants to team up for a cosplay group with rather tall people and where you chose one of the tallest characters. I’ve experienced that this may cause an uncomfortable over all feeling or even a mental block while taking photos.

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Welcome to another part of “Behind the scenes at AruChi’s”. Let me talk a little about photos today and the magic you can do at home with just a few tricks.

Of course these pictures can’t possibly compete with those of regular photoshoots we’re having, but they are something I’d call ‘decent’. There is actually not much needed to make them and I hope some of you might find what I’m sharing useful.

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Awesome Evie Frye Cosplay 🌟


World Cosplay:


SCREW THE RULEZ- I worked on this picture the whole f….reakin’ day and I am so putting this in my PMD-E tumblr! @___@ afdkladslfafljasdk

This thing is an belated secret-Santa picture for a person from the german Anime & Manga-Site “Animexx”. She wished for Maka & Soul.. and I so hope, she’ll like it… YEAH. I KNOW. THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE MAKA x SOUL BECAUSE MY STYLE MAKES EVERYTHING TOO BISHI & OLD & SHINY. 

… man… feels like an eternity I drew something as big as this….


I got a new cam :3
And i thought the monthly anime convention d be a good opportunity to test it out~
And who d be a better Character for that test than our queen Sakura? 
Right, Sarada, our princess xD

But i love this Yukata so much so i just had to cosplay the queen in it again.

hope you guys like it!
I like the last one most :) Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know!



Cosplay Shooting Blog “Samael and Amaimon”
Gummersbach 2015

Sarah_DeAhrel as Amaimon
Me as Mephisto Pheles / Samael

CosplayGallery Samael:
CosplayGalley Amaimon:

Photos by:
TimeKing (Animexx)
editing by: Me 

~ BoruSara ~ Kiss on the cheek

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