Some of you may know the sad story of being a rather small person who wants to team up for a cosplay group with rather tall people and where you chose one of the tallest characters. I’ve experienced that this may cause an uncomfortable over all feeling or even a mental block while taking photos.

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Awesome Evie Frye Cosplay 🌟


World Cosplay:


SCREW THE RULEZ- I worked on this picture the whole f….reakin’ day and I am so putting this in my PMD-E tumblr! @___@ afdkladslfafljasdk

This thing is an belated secret-Santa picture for a person from the german Anime & Manga-Site “Animexx”. She wished for Maka & Soul.. and I so hope, she’ll like it… YEAH. I KNOW. THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE MAKA x SOUL BECAUSE MY STYLE MAKES EVERYTHING TOO BISHI & OLD & SHINY. 

… man… feels like an eternity I drew something as big as this….


I got a new cam :3
And i thought the monthly anime convention d be a good opportunity to test it out~
And who d be a better Character for that test than our queen Sakura? 
Right, Sarada, our princess xD

But i love this Yukata so much so i just had to cosplay the queen in it again.

hope you guys like it!
I like the last one most :) Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know!


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LOKI / Avengers Kneel Speech in the REAL Stuttgart

please rebloooooooooooooooooooogggg ^^ (and kneel meanwhile before your god)

I got some people together in the real Stuttgart and cosplayed/acted as Loki.
Follow me on youtube for Loki eating hotdogs and wasabi or doing strange stuff ^^

Watch in HD here:

And on deviantart for the pictures:
For my german Loki fans: (there you can see all costumes, from Trish to Sexyroth and Aerith)

Loki smut fanfics here:

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