Welcome to another part of “Behind the scenes at AruChi’s”. Let me talk a little about photos today and the magic you can do at home with just a few tricks.

Of course these pictures can’t possibly compete with those of regular photoshoots we’re having, but they are something I’d call ‘decent’. There is actually not much needed to make them and I hope some of you might find what I’m sharing useful.

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I got a new cam :3
And i thought the monthly anime convention d be a good opportunity to test it out~
And who d be a better Character for that test than our queen Sakura? 
Right, Sarada, our princess xD

But i love this Yukata so much so i just had to cosplay the queen in it again.

hope you guys like it!
I like the last one most :) Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know!


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LOKI / Avengers Kneel Speech in the REAL Stuttgart

please rebloooooooooooooooooooogggg ^^ (and kneel meanwhile before your god)

I got some people together in the real Stuttgart and cosplayed/acted as Loki.
Follow me on youtube for Loki eating hotdogs and wasabi or doing strange stuff ^^

Watch in HD here:

And on deviantart for the pictures:
For my german Loki fans: (there you can see all costumes, from Trish to Sexyroth and Aerith)

Loki smut fanfics here:


There was a small Hanami meet up in Magdeburg and I finally had a chance to wear my disguised!Jane cosplay! I am quite happy with it

If you would like to see more then please click this!

All photos are by the amazing cocoloro and are edited by me

I hope you like it ♥


Versteigerung von diesem Alice Bild!

—> <—

Große Version hier, wenn sie freigeschaltet wird.
Bin grad krass pleite und ernähre mich nur von yum yum, rettet mich hahaha x’D

Das Bild ist auf richtig dickem Aquarellpapier, etwas kleiner als A4 (auf Wunsch mess ich das nochmal genau nach), bessere Farben als auf dem Scan ( HUST )

Versteigerung endet am 29.12. um 23:59 Uhr, damit das Pic etwa zu Neujahr bei euch sein kann hihi

Startgebot liegt bei 12€, ab 25 € bezahle ich das Porto, das bis dahin 1,45€ beträgt.
Geboten wird immer je 50 cent plus!

Viel Spaß und fröhliche Weihnachten! ♥♥