Beauties and Gentlebeauties, I proudly present to you: Underfell Mettaton! (Even without the second pair of arms like: where the hell do I get mannequinn arms?)

Cosplay is made out of Steel (Chestplate and Shoulder armor), plastic glass and Aluminium.

Photographed by @lunaya-taryen
Edited by me

Thank you so much for being my Photographer on that day Lunaya♡
I appreciate it!


FIrst pics of my Wasp/ Janet van Dyne Cosplay /)/////v/////(\

I had so many doubts about this Cosplay- But it turned out beautiful o///v//o) a lot of people complimented me - someone even said I was “prettier than the real Wasp” :’D

I’m just incredibly happy with this /)v(\

pictures taken by: liebreizend on Animexx


I got a new cam :3
And i thought the monthly anime convention d be a good opportunity to test it out~
And who d be a better Character for that test than our queen Sakura? 
Right, Sarada, our princess xD

But i love this Yukata so much so i just had to cosplay the queen in it again.

hope you guys like it!
I like the last one most :) Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know!



The color palette is pretty awesome and I don’t draw Espio often enough~ Once again this was quite some fun, thanks for suggesting it >u< And please forgive me how long this took me ahhh ;///;

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I tried to color it…. and I failed ;o;. 

Lokis’ costume is waaaay to fancy. Soooo maaaany details D: 

But hey, at least my versions of Thor and Loki got their hug :’D In one way or another.

(Drawn for goetterspeises’ contest on Animexx)

Anyway, I hope you guys like it (Feel free to repost it on other sites). Tell me what you think about it? 

ACEO #50 - Guarding the Master Emerald

This ACEO card took me always and forever to finish! I was afraid of messing it up when coloring it, but in the end I’m rather satisfied with the result ;u; (Other title suggestions for this card are welcome by the way ;P)

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