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Rice Porridge from Princess Mononoke

About 2 years ago, back when I (K) ran this blog by myself, I decided to make the porridge from Princess Mononoke. I wrote my recipe, made some breakfast, and took my photo. I then promptly lost the recipe, ate the porridge, and let the photo sit in my archive.

How very responsible of me.

Anywhoo, I’m sitting awake last night at 2 in the morning, staring and my ceiling and thinking ‘holy cow I’m hungry’. And since I’m me I start to think about all the things I want to be eating. Images of pancakes, curries, and sushi flash through my mind, but I get stuck on the thought of Miso soup. But I don’t have any tofu so it would be miso broth. And then my brain adds rice, egg, basil, sesame oil and soy sauce to the broth and by then I’ve both planned out my breakfast and made myself hungry for the rest of the night.

So new recipe, new breakfast, new photo. (And for those of you who have stuck around long enough to see how I took pictures two years ago, I think the new photo part is key!) The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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