Anime Boston


Left: my quick sketch when I first came up with the idea to cosplay Usagi. Right: my Sailor Moon cosplay brought together and worn for Anime Boston!

One of earliest memories is coming back from pre-school and watching Sailor Moon on TV. Usagi has been one of my all-time favorite characters for as long as I could remember, and to get to cosplay her has been a really amazing experience. I could have never anticipated how well received my cosplay would be!! 

(Photo credit: mblaqq, click for full-size!)


I donated the above two original Inktober sketches to the Anime Boston multiple sclerosis charity auction coming up this weekend. Both pieces are under 8.5″, done with design markers on regular printer paper. 100% of the proceeds will go to the National MS Society. Last year’s auction was a huge success—thanks so much to everyone who bid on my piece. More info about this year’s auction is below from Jenna, one of the organizers:

The auction is Sunday March 27th at 10am in the Grand Ballroom, which is the second floor of the Sheraton. People can come talk to us all weekend in the dealers room where we will be holding raffles and showing off auction items!

Here’s a Facebook page for the auction:

highlights of the anime boston undertale shoot

“mettaton no”

“anime isn’t real”

“mettaton, no

“pat? pet? pat? pat?”

“toriel how many kids do you even have”

“temmie? i thought you said penny”

“dad wtf”


“mettaton NO.”

“i think you mean mettaton YES.”

the otp:

the queen’s enamored squad of bodyguards:

and the real mvp’s: