Scientists as fighting game characters

Science Combat is a series of GIFs that transforms legendary scientists into fighting game characters, with special moves inspired by their discoveries and inventions. It was designed by the Brazilian illustrator Diego Sanches for Superinteressante magazine. Here are my favourites:

Nikola Tesla and teleforce

Pythagoras and tetractys

Isaac Newton and Opticks

Charles Darwin and evolution

Marie Curie and polonium 

Albert Einstein and relativity

Stephen Hawking and wormholes  

See all of them here


here’s a small headcanon that actually explains reaper’s state:

he is an utility fog, and utility fogs are clouds of nanorobots that can reassemble themselves in many shapes (to either become a complex solid, a liquid or a shapeless gas)

this makes a lot of sense to me, since nanotechnlogy is a recurrent theme in overwatch - and it also explains mercy’s implication since she uses nanomedicine a lot

(also i wanted to draw lúcio and reaper together, sorry if it sounds too ooc!)