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Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man is Really, Really Gross [Video]

By Andy Khouri

Premiering this July, Animation Domination High Def (or ADHD, as it is wryly known) is a block of adult-orientated animated series and shorts meant to broadcast on Saturday nights on the Fox television network and supervised by Nick Weidenfeld, an executive formerly of Adult Swim. ADHD will be the home of the much anticipated Axe Cop cartoon, based on the hit Dark Horse comic book series, as well as this most amusing and possibly obscene short that imagines Marvel’s Spider-Man if he were to truly take on the traits of that decidedly gross arachnid. The video, which you can see below, contains numerous depictions and references to penis-removal, which may or may not be considered unsafe for work depending upon what universe you’re living in.

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Fox’s Animation Domination HD proves Cloud’s social skill set and adventure skill set don’t really mesh together well in this new cartoon. Also, I would totally play a game called Final Fantasy Grocery Catharsis. 


This is my short for ADHD!!!!! Gosh Josh! Weird Beard! I wrote, directed, storyboarded, and designed this! Thanks to everyone who worked on it with me! YAY!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Goodbye, Ghibli [Animation Domination High-Def]

A few weeks ago, Studio Ghibli announced that they were taking a break from film production. While they haven’t made a final decision, it’s possible that “When Marnie Was There” will be their last feature film.

Animators the world over have been inspired by Ghibli films; this is Animation Domination High-Def’s small tribute to Studio Ghibli. We want to say Thank You. And we hope they don’t go away for good.



Made by Animation Domination High-Def


I designed this tv show! There’s a preview of it this Saturday on FOX! Watch it! 


If All Presidents Acted Like “House of Cards” [Animation Domination High-Def]

Let’s travel through history to see some Presidents acting like Frank Underwood.


Fox created ADHD as Saturday night filler and to diversify their animation slate from Fuzzy Door cartoons and Zombie Simpsons. It was their answer to Adult Swim with the adult-targeted animated content and the programming supervisor Nick Weidenfeld was a former executive at Adult Swim. 

ADHD earned an identity online as viral animations that gained a decent amount of attention. As a programming block, it was a joke. Fox barley marketed the fact it was even on TV and would air ADHD on Thursdays and Saturdays… half of the time, if there wasn’t a sports game scheduled to air instead. Now it’s been dumped on FXX with new cartoons airing there.

The initial aspirations for the channel was to create an “optimistic” alternative with “importance on youth, love, and friendship”. A lot of their TV programming was under heavy oversight from the FCC too, including pulling a porn-related episode.

Post-Oregon addition: Happened to catch a bit of Fox ADHD during a spring Oregon trip, including Stone Quackers, another “scientifically accurate” song, and High School USA. It indeed feels hopelessly misguided by people who didn’t know what they were doing. High School USA in particular is a complete waste of Dino Stamatopoulos’ creativity after Moral Orel. Although color me surprised when I heard “Keith Apicary” on a FOX cartoon though.


Trailer for the show I’ve been working on, High School USA!


Thanksgiving Carol [Animation Domination High-Def]

Thanksgiving needs it’s own Christmas Carol. Something like Jingle Bells? Exactly.

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