Get a first look at Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, an upcoming TV movie.

“This face is the best.”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll say.”

Carl the Animator: “It should become the new Chewing Face from S1.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh?”

Carl the Animator: “That one ‘just ate a Scooby Snack’ face that keeps appearing early in that season.”

Ted the Animator:Did that happen?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes.”

Ted the Animator: “…ah.”


i’m happy to share OTTER POP! 

i did the animation! shawn wasabi was super nice and even suggested i include tapioca and boba (from my short film from last year) in the video!

it was great to work on! 


watch out it’s History Time ™


A sorry to all my overwatch followers for only drawing taz stuff lately it’s just so darn gooooooooood.

Tha audio is by @catsi!!!