Scarlett Parade - White River

Animation by former Gobelins and Disney students Anthony Lejeune, Lea Justum & Manddy Wyckens.


This is the first part of of an ongoing weekly comic we’ll be doing starting next Monday called “Super Science Friends 2099″! The story follows Ada Lovelace as a hacker and rebel in a future controlled by Z3, the world’s first computer.

Art by Xulm -
Story by Brett Jubinville -

Also, if you pledged $53 or more to the Super Science Friends Kickstarter last fall, you’ll be receiving this comic, along with six other awesome stories in September!

Potential animation commissions in the future

Sorry to bother you all but I’d be grateful if you could read this.

I didn’t want to have to resort to this but I would like gauge how interested you would all be if I was to start animating whatever you’d like (if I can) for a fair price. Being able to do this would be a dream come true and I hope you understand.

If you’d be interested, even slightly, please like this post or send me an ask and let me know. I’m uncomfortable having to do this but I want to make sure there’s people interested. If enough people show interest I’ll get to working on making this happen!

Please let me know if you have anything you’d like to say!