Favourite Anime/Manga CouplesMotoharu/Nanami

You know, lately I’ve been having this dream. I grab a change of clothes, put them in my bag and take a plane. The flight takes one hour and a half. When I open my eyes I’m already in the misty port city of the north. I get out of the airport and take the local bus. Thirty minuter of green fields then Otanoshike, Totori, Shinbashi. I would get off in front of the red cross building, pass the red light and run by the Welcity hotel, dash to my house in Yanagi-machi. Leave my stuff there, grab my bike, cut through the Yanagi-machi park, ride along the Koyo Primary school, very quickly on my bike, Aikoku, Ashino, quickly… fast as I can….Into Takahashi’s arms.


Favourite Anime/Manga CouplesYoh/Haruna

Yoh: …I watched the video of your match…The one where you lost and cried so much. When I saw that, I thought that I wouldn’t mind coaching you. You face everything head-on, and when you’re down, you always get back up, looking straight ahead…I’m glad that I’m the one you asked to coach you…I’m glad I’m the one you bumped into, that day we met……..I must still have a fever. I’m not making sense…

Haruna: Can I kiss you!? I know it’s not the best time!! But what you said was so sweet!!