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“just saw finding dory, i’d give it a solid 7/10 the first half had…”

is this 7/10 an actual 7/10, or 7/10 where anything below a 6 is terrible garbage

im honestly not much in the loop on ‘mlg rating culture’ so i like to think my 1-10 scale is pretty grounded

you need to understand that we watch a LOT of garbage, so our ratings sort of reflect the median for a 21st century animated movie a bit more than just the mainstream film scene. we watched reef 2 and praised it, because it was somehow better than reef 1.

like, a flawed animated B movie that i was entertained by would hardly ever be above a 5 because its got problems. so would most disney sequels. the average fodder dreamworks flick is usually around a 4-5 to me. a nice pixar/dreamworks/disney release should be an 8, finding dory just missed the mark on my expectations.