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Until the Kingdom Comes Simen Johan 

The so-called truth behind Johan’s photographs is that they are an amalgam of hundreds of photographs. The photographer produces high-resolution images by pressing the button in locations far and wide, from the San Diego Zoo to Africa. Like a film director, he makes the final cut and blends the images into a seamless whole. The final picture becomes a single geographic point, unifying a matrix of world locations. When considering this process, it’s hard not to think of 18th century aesthetic philosopher, Sir Joshua Reynolds, who advocated for art drawn from the best parts of nature. For Reynolds “A mere copier of nature can never produce any thing great, can never raise and enlarge the conceptions, or warm the heart of the spectator.” (Reynolds, of course, could never have imagined a time when an artist, thanks to modern travel, could witness moments and places of nature across the globe in a single lifetime.)

Images and text via Simen Johan