Ichimatsu’s hoodie as a QR code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I did the basic design then collab tweaked it with @roesart!

For the complete look (the same way I did it), you’ll need:

  • black track pants
  • kimono sandals (no socks)
  • doctor’s mask
  • black girl’s haircut (totally casual, then stylish, then “I want to be left alone”)

Plus bonus shots of me and @roesart being as in-character as the game will let us. Hilariously enough, my town actually has 3 cats in it! Ichi would be proud!

(Funny story: when I first made the hoodie I did backwards xD)


I finally got around to uploading the QR codes for the oppai hoodie - we match!!

It’s not perfect, but my partner and I worked together to re-create Saitama’s apartment (despite a few limitations)

The code is 0094-7771-521 so put on your new hoodie and be a hero!


I recently bought myself ACNL again - after it was stolen the other year - and I am in need of some friends!

It’d be really cool to get some new fruits and nice flowers (my town is so under-developed because I work long hours, too) 😭
If you’re interested, let me know!

My Animal Crossing family!

Excuse me while I close my eyes and pretend none of them ever left me. Ignore the tears falling from the corners of my eyes. They are tears of joy, for my family is perfect and would never leave me. 

I’ve had this in my WIP folder forever. I hated it for a long time. But I think, finally, it’s something I can like. For the most part.

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