Animal Cruelty Free


I know a lot of my followers are vegan and I saw this on Twitter. I thought it would be helpful to anyone who likes buying cruelty-free makeup!! Even if you “can’t” be vegan please consider buying cruelty-free makeup

My work involves handling cartons of eggs, and let me just say that anything promising that their chickens are fed a vegetarian/vegan diet is not good. Chickens are omnivores. In a true free-range situation, sure most of what they eat is green plants and grain, but 5-15% will be animal protein, mostly insects but also fresh carrion, or table scraps. You get the picture.

And it absolutely makes the eggs taste better. There’s no actual benefit to making chickens be vegans, unless maybe if it makes the eggs lower cholesterol but I doubt it; it’s just a marketing ploy. If you actually care about animal cruelty, ask whether they debeak the chickens.