Angus McCain


Randall and Lix have their own very personal very special dynamic, so it is when you see Randall interacting with other people that you can see how he exercises power by not exercising power. 

(Also, orange juice alert.)


I have no way of knowing if anyone else notices or cares about Randall Brown’s suits, but I know I love them. They’re agonisingly staid to the point of fetishism – possibly an offshoot of his OCD, which pops up whenever he’s stressed. His pocket square is always untouched; a perfect white line bisecting the near-black of his suit jacket. He’s even more minimalist than McCain. — Menswear and The Hour: 50 Shades of Grey Suits.

(P.S. I noticed that McCain and Randall both wear the same glasses, which led me to wonder if they were NHS frames. Well, I did a little research and they are not. It appears that The Hour used vintage-inspired frames for most of the characters who wear spectacles.)