Select Godzilla concept art: Anguirus (Heisei)

By now, it is no secret that Anguirus was planned to appear in the Heisei series of Godzilla films. There appears to only be three peices of concept art of Heisei Anguirus available online, and chances are that everyone has seen them by now. But it is still worth a look.

By the way, I’m referencing Toho Kingdom’s Unused Toho Creation thread (which is one of the TK forum’s few redeeming qualities) and the main site’s cutting room section for the information on this entry.

Looking at concept art of unused Kaiju is interesting because there is often no end product (aside from Bagan, that is). It is possible that this design was close to what Anguirus would have looked like on screen. The back has the detachable shell much like the early model of the first Anguirus featured in publicity photos for Godzilla Raids Again (1955). It certainly looks like a Heisei kaiju.

Anguirus was supposedly first intended to appear in Godzilla Vs. Ghost Godzilla, although his role in the film was unknown. The project was dropped and eventually evolved into Godzilla Vs. Barubaroi.

Barubaroi was a shape shifter, and apparently at one point in the film would have transformed into Anguirus. It is unknown how or why it does this, and many speculate that Barubaroi would have battled and absorbed Anguirus’s DNA at one point. The above design may have been apart of Godzilla Vs. Barubaroi, although it certainly works well for an Anguirus design. There is a certain quality about this that seems off. The tail is segmented, and has an insect like look to it…

…Which would then lead into this. The spiked carapace gives away that this is the Anguirus design from before. More accurately, this particular design is actually Barubaroi. It does raise questions about Barubaroi and how it worked in the film….


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