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andreil + sleeping on the couch together and matt kinda scares andrew awake and andrew has a tiny panic and shoves neil off the couch and neil smacks his head against something and scrapes his cheekbone and andreil ends up sitting in the bathroom with neil sitting down and andrew making sure his boy didnt break his nose or have another fucking concussion

Hey! Thanks for the prompt <3 I hope you like what I came up with! this turned out a lil angsty, yikes.

Keep the prompts coming, folks! I have exams and need a distraction. (Everyone’s been giving me prompts in which Neil gets hurt? :D poor boy)


They’ve cuddled in on the couch, Neil in front of Andrew, which is a rare occurrence as it is, but it’s even rarer at the dorms. But Andrew has been sniffling and sneezing lately, and Neil’s legs feel like lead from night practice and so they dozed off while watching tv. None of them is really deeply asleep, both of them in a state somewhere between sleep and rest, but it’s more than enough to startle the shit out of them when suddenly the door slams shut. 

Andrew sits up, body stiffened immediately, curtesy of too many times when a noise like this meant very bad things were coming, and whips his head around, only to see Matt, one hand still on the doorknob, wincing guiltily. “Fuck, sorry, guys. The wind caught the door.” Then he peeks around Andrew, “Um, is Neil-”

Andrew scowls at him, and growls “Leave.”, Matt just lifts his hands apologetically and hurries off. When Andrew turns back around, he is momentarily confused for a split-second- where is Neil? But then he hears a groan and realized he must have pushed Neil off the couch when he jerked awake. Neil is already sitting up and rubbing his face. 

“…ouch.”, the striker mumbles sleepily and looks up at Andrew with bleary eyes. Andrew is about to lean down and pull Neil back up, but then, Neil pulls his hand back, and there’s blood on his palm and on a cut on his cheekbone. 

Andrew’s world constricts for a moment, and then a sticky, disgusting feeling spreads through his body. Neil is hurt. Neil is bleeding. He pushed Neil off the couch and now Neil is bleeding. Fuck. 

Neil looks at his hand in awe, still sleepy, and then wipes it off on his jeans. It’s so little that it barely leaves a stain. But Andrew’s gaze is focused on the cut in his cheekbone. 

“Andrew, I’m f-”

“Don’t.” Andrew’s voice is sharp and then he’s up and dragging Neil into the bathroom while his stomach is churning. Neil keeps insisting that he’s okay, and the cut isn’t even deep and he’s barely bleeding and he’s had so much worse.

But Andrew feels like his hands are going to clench so hard that he’s going to break his own fingers if he can’t make sure Neil is really, truly okay right now. He swore to protect him and now he hurt him. Neil, especially Neil’s face, has been through enough already. 

Neil keeps protesting, but Andrew makes him sit down on the edge of the tub, and then searches the bathroom cabinet for desinfectant and a band-aid, throwing everything else out into the sink carelessly. Neil has stopped protesting, and watches him quietly now. 

When Andrew’s found what he’s been looking for, he steps in between Neil’s legs, and takes his face in his palms, turning Neil’s head, looking at his pupils, his nose, his lips and teeth. Nothing else seems hurt, and that makes the sticky feeling in his chest the tiniest bit better. 

Quietly, he wipes the cut clean, and puts a band-aid on it. Then he steps back and takes his hands off Neil as if Neil burnt him. 

Neil looks at him and Andrew wants to punch him or pull his own hair out because the way Neil’s blue eyes focus on him and his lower lip stands out a little makes his heart go faster and it sucks and Andrew just hates him so much. 

“Andrew…” How can someone’s voice be so soft? Fuck Josten and his soft voice. Andrew turns around and goes to the door. Neil lets him. 

And hour and half a pack of cigarettes later, Neil finds him on the roof. He doesn’t say anything, he just sits down next to him and steals his cigarette. 

He finishes it while Andrew stares off in the distance. After Neil has stubbbed the cigarette out, he slowly turns to look at Andrew. 

“Andrew, I’m okay. Things like this happen. You didn’t-”

“Stop talking.”, Andrew says without looking at Neil. Neil obliges, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Andrew. 

After two minutes or five or ten, Neil opens his mouth again.

“…you could kiss it better, if you wanted to.” His voice is a low purr, and Andrew just hates how easily it makes the sticky feeling turn differently sticky, hot like molasses, from his neck to the bottom of his spine and his lower abdomen.

Andrew slowly turns his head and leans in just a little. The eagerness with which Neil shifts towards him and the way his breath hitches just a little makes the feeling Andrew’s dealing with right now even worse. Or better, maybe. 

“Next time you say something this cheesy, I’ll throw you off the roof.”, he growls, and then closes the gap between their mouths.  


“I’m not gonna ask you if you still want this tattoo because I’ve waited far too long for this day.”

Harry said seriously, making you roll your eyes playfully, propping your face with your hand on the table.

“You’re a tattoo artist, Harry. You’re kinda supposed to ask that.”

He scoffs, rolling his eyes on you too before putting his tight black gloves on, running them through his hair.

“But I, have exceptions. You’re my wife and I wouldn’t let this go past.”

“I know, but still ask me.”

“And I know your answer before you could even say it!” he laughed, pinching your cheek.

“Ask me or I’ll go to Ed for this.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

He shook his head, squeezing black ink on a container, slightly shaking for it to flatten even though it’s not purely liquid.

“I’m serious, Harry.”

He sighed heavily, blowing out his hair with an amused but slightly annoyed expression on his face, knowing that you’re serious.

“Are you sure about this tattoo, baby?”

You grinned, finally getting what you want.


“See?” Harry flailed his arms around with a feigned look of shock in his face, getting a needle from a container he was sterilizing it with, wiping the liquid before installing it on the tattoo gun.

“But I do like your choice of a tattoo.”

“No, you love it.”

“Because, you’ll be getting your husband’s initials which is of course written by him, tattooed on your wrist, by himself.”

He added emphasis on each word to rub the facts on me, each passing second being a lot more entertaining than you expected it to be.

Especially of what he did to commemorate this day, he cancelled all his appointments for the day, the two of you being the only two people in his shop.

He already put the sticker stencil on you, pulling it after he set all his materials ready so he wouldn’t need to squint if some letters were smudged.

Harry was so enthralled by your idea.

H.S on your wrist.

He tapped the pedal a few times to see if it’s going well, and it is. You weren’t able to hide some of the nervousness you were feeling.

“Would you like the truth that it would hurt or would you like the lie that it’s not going to?”

You shot him a straight look, making him raise his hands up in defense.

“Sorry, I’m just trying to cheer you up.”

“It’s not working!”

Harry apologized at his will, hugging you from behind before running his hands on your arms.

“We’re gonna start, love, okay?”


He grabbed your wrist gently, massaging it a few times before looking at you again, the tattoo gun on his left hand.

“Just look at me, okay? Not the tattoo.”

“Oka — but don’t look at me because you wouldn’t know what you’re doing if you did!”

He chuckled, his hand going through your hair.

“Of course.”

He looked at me for the last time before pressing his foot against the pedal, dipping the gun in ink before coming in contact with your wrist, making you slightly writhe in your seat because of the unfamiliar feeling.

“It’s coming close, love. You’re doing good.”

A few minutes passed with you not being still on your seat and Harry keeping you still, it going on until he took the final wipe of it, and grinning.

“Besides my promise, I’m permanently with you.”

Harry kept smiling, putting a piece of wrap over your tattoo and pulling out a small tube of cream.

You looked at it, adorning the way it fit you so perfectly.

Little did you know, Harry was looking at you the whole time, a grateful look on his face he always has.

“Hey, I love you.”

Nyx-Chapter 3

This is a long one. Buckle up!

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

Storming into the council chamber, wings stretched to their full span as you ire seeps out of you, the ground you walk on cracks with every step you take toward Odin.

“Leave. Immediately,” you hiss at the gathered council, eyes trained on Odin, who waves his hand dismissing the men. “You dare try and pawn me off? As if I were some sort of broodmare?” you screech at him, all sense of propriety flying out the window.

“Remember to whom you speak, child. I will not tolerate your insolence in my own home!” Odin replies fiercely.

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Numbers 27 + 32 with Jungkook (angst)

27. “You just broke the last bit of trust I had in you.”
32. “Hit me!” with Jungkook

Three chances, you gave him. Three times. Three fucking times you told him it was over. Told him that you didn’t need to put up with his bullshit. Told him that you didn’t deserve to be with someone who treated you so unfairly. And yet, each time, he would pull you into his arms. He would cry. He would apologize over and over. He would tell you he would change his ways, and that he won’t make the same mistakes ever again. He would make empty promises about keeping you happy and never wronging you again.

You came into the party, busting through the door, nobody even sparing you a glance because of how crowded the house was. A simple, oblivious text from Jimin, asking you why you didn’t tag along with Jungkook gave you all you needed to know.

You weren’t upset about him going to parties, hanging out with friends, getting shitfaced, even smoking fucking weed for goodness sake. You just didn’t get why he kept so many things from you. If you hated one thing the most, it was being lied to, and Jungkook seemed to have it in his genes. Always keeping something hidden, never managing to completely open up. You knew that was the case when you first met him, and when you first started dating, you knew that it would take a while for him to completely open up.

But you were getting fed up now. This wasn’t about him being closed up or having personal problems. This was just Jungkook being a complete asshole and not thinking about the actions of his stupid, useless actions.

However, you didn’t expect it to come to this extreme. When you saw his lips on hers, and then they parted after a few seconds with hoots and hollers from the crowd surrounding them. The fucking smile that graced his lips, as if he were fucking smug about what he just did. You really didn’t know whether to scream in rage or sob with distress, so you just stood there with your mouth agape in disbelief.

“__!” You didn’t know who called out your name, you didn’t really know anything at the moment, but you did know that it was a panicked look that came across your boyfriend’s face as his eyes searched for your figure. It didn’t take long for them to meet yours, and from your posture, he knew you saw it.


You didn’t even bother anymore. You just couldn’t fucking bother, why should you?

The music was still playing but almost everyone around you was quiet, looking intently to see what happens now as if it were the fucking apocalypse. But you weren’t about to give that to them, simply turning around with a blank look on your face as you made your way straight to the door.

“Shit..” You heard him say right before you exited the door.

You were already halfway down the street when you heard him calling your name.

“__! __! Wait..”

You kept walking.

“__,” he said your name one last time before you felt him grip your arm and turn you around to face him abruptly. You flinched and shook his arm away aggressively.

“Don’t touch me!” You yelled, your voice sounding loud in the quiet night.

“__, please, just-” He ran a hand through his hair anxiously. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m drunk, we were smoking just five minutes ago. They were all cheering and yelling for me to just do it. It meant nothing, baby, you know that.”

You didn’t even realize that tears, without your consent, had started streaming down your face freely. His eyes filled with even more regret at the sight of you in tears, and he lifted a hand to wipe them away, but you only flinched once again and stepped further back.

“I said don’t touch me!” You sobbed, wiping hastily at the tears, but only more seemed to come down, so you just gave up and let them be. “You love me. Jungkook?” Your voice was suddenly quiet, and you sniffled. “Do you love me?”

“I do, I fucking do,” he answered quickly, stepping forward. You took another step back.

“Do you even know what love is?” You asked. “It means you’ll do anything to make that person happy, anything. It means you won’t hurt them, and if happen to actually hurt them, it’ll hurt you ten times as fucking much. It means you actually make a fucking effort to keep the promises you made, because if you don’t, you lose the trust you’re supposed to share. But what do you do, Jungkook? You do the exact opposite.”

He gulped, not saying a word.

“I don’t deserve this. I’m not a saint, but I just know I don’t deserve this because this is fucking torture and I’m so tired,” you sobbed out. He stepped forward. You stepped back. “You just broke the last bit of trust I had in you.”

“__, don’t.” His eyes were pleading. “Don’t say that. Slap me! Punch me! Hit me!” He yelled desperately. “Do anything, just don’t say that I don’t love you.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Your voice was calm in contrast to his. “I’m done waiting for you to prove. I thought you would, eventually, but it’s too late now. At least I’ve done my part and showed you that I love you. My only mistake was thinking you could actually do the same for me.”

Lilacs (Short Langst)

Lance refuses to meet the worried eyes of his friends around his hospital bed. Their concerned gazes burn into him with an intensity that shakes him to the core. It’s almost bittersweet.

He’s forced to look up when Hunk speaks;

“Lance, I know it’s hard, but please, please get the surgery. I-I can’t lose you buddy.” His voice is heavy with tears.

Lance shakes his head. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Lance wishes that he could take away his friend’s pain. He knows that he can’t.

Keith steps forward and slams his fist against the mattress. “Why? Why can’t you just get the operation?!? You’re going to die without it!” His breathing is heavy. Tears leak out of his eyes.

Lance turns his eyes down to his lap and stares at the tubes feeding into his arms.

“I can’t forget. Life without them is meaningless. I-” Lance breaks off with a violent cough. His friends all jump up and rush to his side. Shiro pats his back, trying to calm him down.

Lance’s eyes water as he hacks up bloodied purple petals.

He looks towards the person who caused this, meeting their wide, worried gaze.

“I could never forget you. I love you too much.”

The room breaks into chaos as Lance falls against his pillow, hacking violently. His friends can do nothing as he chokes on blossoms. Pidge races from the room to try and find someone who can help.

By the time they return, It’s too late.

The room is silent as they stare at Lance with tears falling down their faces like rain. He almost looks peaceful, although that’s a given. After all…

Lance always did love lilacs.

-I tried to make it as neutral as possible. You guys can decide who it was that Lance fell in love with. It’s open to interpretation. I hope you liked it! :)

Cure (4)

Bucky x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst, smut.

A/N: Part four! Bucky goes to see Banner and finds out more about his past with Y/N, while they find out about that something in his head. 

Oh, and things get sexy. 

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

Banner is nice enough. He keeps calling me James, though, and it’s a little confusing. Everyone here keeps calling me Bucky, and getting used to that one name was tough enough as it is. Now that I remember.. some difficult times, it’s a little exhausting to remind myself to answer to ‘James’ as well.

But he’s nice and lets me know what everything he’s using is for, so I decide to keep my trap shut and just roll with it. They’re trying to help me, after all. See how long it’ll take before I regain all of my memories, and I can’t wait for that to finally fucking happen. 

A voice from the ceiling startles the living shit out of me when Doctor Banner asks some one called Friday what my brain-scan tells her.

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Red Waters

Oops, I ended up ruining a good moment at the lake with a lovely head injury to our favorite mess, the Blue Paladin, I don’t regret anything and at the same time, I regret everything

Lance jumped to the next rock, a grin brighter than the sun plastered on his face.  Pidge screeched and shot Lance off the rock and into the water.  Hunk popped up beside Lance and raised his water gun up to his shoulder, aiming at Pidge.  “Keith, back up!”

“Wait, wait, I don’t have a water gun, don’t attack me!”  Lance hollered with both his hands raised in the air, surrendering to the others.  Pidge and Hunk smirked before turning on their friend, shooting streams of water at his face.  They laughed infectiously while they played in the water.

Shiro, Allura, and Coran sat on the beachside, watching the Paladins as they played in the water.  Coran and Allura had found a planet like Earth that has breathable air, lush greenery, and flowing water.  Once the Alteans brought it up, there was a unanimous vote to take a break and visit the planet.

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The Leopard Cannot Change Her Spots

by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary: Stella has some second thoughts

Stella peruses the file in front of her with the most critical eye she can muster.  Her interest doesn’t really lie within the casefile itself, but the file handler.  The new detective under her purview is young, but seasoned.  She’d read his records upon his transfer and she liked what she saw then, but she likes it more even now.  She likes what she sees a lot.

Detective Charlie Moore is ex-military; four years with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and six with the NCA upon his discharge.  His records reflect a by-the-book approach to the job, diligence, and a high solve rate.  One of his previous superiors noted that he is tough on criminals, empathetic with victims, and docile with authority.  She likes a man who knows how to be told what to do.

It’s been awhile since anyone has sparked her interest like this.  Over four years, to be exact.  There’s been a handful of people that have caught her eye, but nothing she seriously considered.  She couldn’t, of course.  That’s what being trapped in a relationship does - it takes the rest of the world out of consideration.  She misses that thrill of the unknown.  She wants that freedom again to explore a new body.  To have someone touch her who knows nothing about her.  Something purely physical that ends there without any other expectations.

The ‘wedding’ is only weeks away, and as it draws closer, she gets more anxious.  This isn’t supposed to be her life.  She had been quite content to be alone and to continue to be alone, so how had she let Hank disrupt her so completely?  How had she let it go this far?  And marriage?  Who is she kidding?  She’s not the marrying kind.

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Caught In a Dream

Originally posted by sugutie

Genre; angst, implied smut

Word count; 1.2k

Warnings; cheating, mild sexual themes, extreme freaking angst…get ready

A/N hello everyone! this is my first time writing on tumblr and I hope that everyone will like the content I post on here! now please enjoy this really crappy piece of writing that I will continue later on

Jeon JungKook.

That name is all but too familiar for your liking. Everywhere you go, the name, “Jeon Jungkook” is chanted like a prayer; all under his religion.

Everyone adores him like some god from a Greek myth or a celebrity from an action movie. But in reality, he’s just a normal college student going for a degree in computer science at Seoul National.

You hated every single thing about Jeon Jungkook- from the way he talks to the way he walks. You hated how he’d always kiss up to a teacher to get an extra day to finish an essay or how he’d always ask you for help on the simplest  things like cooking rice or how to turn on the heater. You also hated that you were titled one of his best friends.


Because you were in love with the boy that is suppose to be your best friend. Jeon JungKook, your childhood best friend is now someone you force yourself to hate - someone you always downgrade in your mind to trick yourself that you weren’t love with him. That you were in love with your best friend.

But what does that do? You always end up falling for his bunny smile, his built physique, his round doe eyes and his soothing voice all over again. Everything about Jungkook bothered you in both good and bad, if that made any sense. You hated his bunny smile because it made him look like a child. But at the same time, you loved his bunny smile because he looked so innocent. Like someone without a single care in the world.

You could never confess to him what you’re feelings, though. JungKook is a taken man. A man taken by none other than your other best friend, and childhood friend. Hyun ShiYoung. ShiYoung, Jungkook and you were always together throughout your lives. You were all born the same year and had houses right next door from one another, your’s being in the middle of the three. The three of you grew up together, going to one another’s houses on a daily basis or walking to the park that was a few blocks away from where you lived.

Back when you were children, you didn’t have to think about finances, feelings, falling in love, school or even getting hurt. Because you knew that there would always be someone looking after you, someone protecting you. Now, you were all on your own. Thinking back to the times where you were so carefree and innocent made a frown come across your face.

“Why the frown, (Y/N)?” your seat mate asked as he look up from his computer.

You snapped back to reality when you heard his soft voice echo in your mind. Ah, you were in school.

“Nothing, Jimin,” you answered, a weak smile spread across your lips. You shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

“Alright. Just tell me if something’s wrong ok?”

“Mhm. Thank you,” you smiled. Your head then turned back to your computer, trying to figure out how the page you were writing for your paper would link to the thesis you were given. You were a law student, studying at Seoul National, same as JungKook and ShiYoung.

You were midway into a sentence when the professor announced the end of the period, telling you to leave his class in an orderly manner.

“Like that was going to happen.” You inwardly told the professor, knowing how  the students in this class were suffering as much as you were, trying to get the year over with. Looking around, you saw students practically running out the door of the class, some even tripping over themselves from walking too fast.

Gathering your things, you put your belongings into your bag as you looked for ShiYoung at the door. She always waited for you after this period, knowing that her professor always lets her class out 5 minutes earlier than your professor. When you saw her smiling face, you sighed as you quickly paced down the steps from where your seat was.

“(Y/N)! You take forever, hurry up! He’s probably already in his car waiting for us!” ShiYoung exclaimed, dragging your wrist the parking lot of the school.

“I still don’t know why I have to come with you guys. I’m just going to third-wheel your date,” you huffed as the two of you continued to walk quickly, approaching a black Mercedes C-350 that was parked with the engine on, waiting for the two of you to enter.

Immediately, you walked to the right side of the car, sliding into the backseat, while ShiYoung took her spot in the front passenger seat next to her boyfriend as they shared a peck on the lips as a greeting.

“Sorry we’re late, (Y/N) here was being a turtle again,” ShiYoung joked as her boyfriend start d driving toward the theater.

“It’s fine. I was only in here for about five minutes anyway,” he smiled, looking back at you through the rear-view mirror. “Thanks for coming with us (Y/N). The three of us haven’t hung out together much after ShiYoung and I started dating.”

“Anytime. You guys are my best friends after all,” you forced a smile to the boy.

“Kookie-ah, what movie are we watching?” ShiYoung looked at her boyfriend lovingly, grabbing onto his hand that was placed on his side.

“(Y/N) gets to pick this one. We picked the last two times already.”

“It’s fine if you guys want to pick! I’m cool with anything,” you said, not caring much about the movie.

“Okay. How about Iron Man? They’re playing reruns of them at the theater we’re going to,” JungKook smiled his bunny smile at ShiYoung, hoping she’d give in. You never really thought about how much Jungkook loved the Iron Man movies until you saw him have a whole collection of action figures.

“JungKook, we saw Iron Man last week for date-night. Can we watch that new melodrama movie that came out yesterday? It looks really interesting and (Y/N) said she wanted to see it too, right (Y/N)?” ShiYoung asked, looking back you with a smile on her face.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that one. Sure, I guess it seemed cool in the trailers,” you answered looking up from your phone.

“Alright then, it’s settled!” JungKook beams.

Throughout the movie, all the two of them would do was make-out and giggle to each other. That made you feel like an absolute third-wheel. Halfway through the movie, you excused yourself to the bathroom after the two of them stopped making out for a good five minutes.

 Instead of turning to the bathroom, though, you headed straight to the exit, because what you hated most was that you were head over heels in love with your best friend who was in a relationship with another one of your best friends. And that hurts.

A few weeks after the movie with JungKook and ShiYoung, you were on your couch in your apartment, FaceTiming your friend from high school back in Busan.

“How’s school going down there for you?” you asked JiHoon as he settled down into his chair with a cup of coffee.

“It’s been ok. Bet the schools up there are better though. Busan is still the same as always, which is good, I guess.” JiHoon wasn’t always the man of change. He liked everything staying the same, which is why he is currently still in Busan, studying for a literature degree.

“That’s good. How’s your music going? Still writing lyrics?” you asked, earning a bright smile from him. He always loved talking about music. Music has always been his passion and has always been his dream. But instead of taking a music course and going for an entertainment major, he took up the literature major since he thought he wouldn’t need the music major later on.

“It’s been going great actually! I’ve been working on a song for this one girl I really like. She works at that coffee shop the four of us used to go to after-school all the time,” JiHoon smiles as he thinks about her. JiHoon never tends to take interest in dating and relationships but seeing him happy makes you happy.

“That’s really great! I’m glad you’re happy,” you smile at him as you take a sip of your now-cold coffee that’s been sitting on your small coffee table for the past two hours. “Does she know about your alias, Mr. Woozi?” you joked as he blushed a light shade of pink. He thought up of that alias when he was just 15- when he first started writing music.

“Not yet. Not many people even know that Woozi is me, yet everyone knows who the infamous "Woozi” is. It’s comforting to see people liking my music,“ he smiles. You loved the dedication he put into his music and the meaning of every single song he’s ever written.

"You seem to like the girl! You should make a move before it’s too late.” The encouragement in your voice makes you think to yourself. If you’ve made a move before JungKook and ShiYoung became an item, would you be here now, or would you be wrapped up tightly in JungKook’s arms as the afternoon seeped in?

“(Y/N-ah. Earth to (Y/N)?” JiHoon snapped at the camera of his laptop, bringing you back from your train of what-if’s.

“Yeah? Oh sorry, I blanked.”

“Thinking about him?” JiHoon was the only person beside yourself to know about this crush you’ve had on JungKook for the past four years.

“Yeah, just a brief thought,” you said weakly, taking another sip of your cold coffee. You really needed to heat this up.

“Just tell the him. You’ve been in love with JungKook for four years. Four fucking years, (Y/N). That’s a long time,” he mumbled, writing something down in his notebook.

“I don’t want to ruin anything…”
Oh you’re definitely going to ruin something. You were pinned up against the wall of a frat party. Pinned by JungKook, ShiYoung nowhere in sight.

“JungKook, w-what are you doing?” you asked, barely able to meet his eyes properly. This is wrong. Something’s wrong. JungKook would never do something like this because he is always, always right.

“Don’t act all innocent, ShiYoung. I saw how you were staring bullets into my back over there. Don’t you think it’s weird for my own girlfriend to not approach me at a frat party?” JungKook asked, his voice slurred, evidence of too much alcohol consumption.

Your eyes widen when you hear her name slip out of his mouth. Was he that drunk to not realize you weren’t ShiYoung? Slowly, you looked up at him, eyes widening when you see him biting his lip, making them red and swollen.

“JungKook-ah, get yourself toge-” you were cut off when his lips crashed roughly onto yours, making you gasp. This wasn’t right, you should push him off, slap him, make him realize he’s with you and not ShiYoung. But you didn’t. You let him kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You let him kiss you like he was actually yours and not her’s.

As the two of you pulled away for air, you looked up into his eyes, filled with lust and desire. No, you told yourself. No, walk away. Run away. Do something to stop him from making a mistake. Stop yourself from making a mistake.

But before you could’ve done anything, his lips crashed back onto yours, but this time, twice as rough and filled with more lust. You were fucked.

 The two of you somehow managed to make it to the second floor, squeezing through many, many other couples passionately kissing on your way up the stairs. Both of you stumbling into an empty room, JungKook didn’t bother locking the door.

“I love you so much,” JungKook mumbled into your neck. You felt a wave of hope that he was talking about you and not ShiYoung but you knew he wasn’t. She was always on his mind. She was always there.

 You let out a whimper as JungKook nibbled at the nape of your neck, surely making a mark and marking you his own, though you knew you weren’t. He started moving his lips down, leaving butterfly kisses along the way down to your collarbone. You let out a gasp as he sucked on a specific spot, making chills run up your spine.

“Only you could make me feel this way, ShiYoung-ah. Oh baby girl, you make me so horny, wearing such a skimpy dress like this. I want to fuck you so hard,” JungKook sighed as he unzipped the back of your dress. “Only you, ShiYoung,” he sighed again as he slammed you into the wall.

Your heart shattered after hearing those words slip out of his lips. This was the moment you were waiting for, though. For the past four years of being in love with him, you’ve always dreamed of this moment. The moment where he would tell you he loved you. The moment where he would leave love marks on you. But all of this was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby girl? You look upset,” JungKook looks at you with concern.

“Nothing, Kookie-ah. Continue, please,” you begged.

That was probably the biggest mistake you’d ever make in your life.

"I can't lose you."

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“Where are you going?”

Harry urgently asked in a strained voice, still dressed in his CEO work suit, matching the same pace you’re walking.

You kept your face straight, gripping the long dress you were wearing with him hot on your heels, following you until you were out of the back exit of the hotel that was allotted for Harry so paps weren’t able to see him, especially in a business party that caused traffic all over the place.

“We’re talking about this,” he said, his tone being a lot more urgent than before, worry and pain evident.

“Since when did we talk not unless it’s about your business or when we attend your own business galas and parties?”

“Y/N, we’re gonna talk.”

“Now you want to? When was the last time you said I love you? When was the last time we went out on a proper date, just the two of us?”

“Love-…” he tried to start, the both of you stopping in the middle of a parking area, tears continuously coming out of your eyes and his.

“When was the last time that you remembered that you have a fiancée and it’s just not about you being the CEO of your goddamn company?”

Harry went silent, swallowing his pride and the lump in his throat, his lip caught in between his teeth.

“Harry, I am so tired of compromising. I am so tired of understanding when-…”

“I can’t lose you.”

He said in a whisper, loud enough for you to hear since you were the only two people there, shaking his head back and forth.

“We’re not breaking up.”

You let out a pathetic whimper, the times when Harry stood you up turning into a flashback, but you didn’t want to relive those.

“Look, I can lose my company but I cannot afford to lose you!”

He desperately said, the sentence ending in a stern tone but as vulnerable as him when it still did, wanting to get an answer from you and for you to look at him.

“I’m not making you choose between me or your business.”

He pleaded with his eyes, his figure mere inches away from yours, still refusing to meet your eyes.

“I know. I don’t do things without a reason, that’s why I proposed. And goddamn it, Y/N, I was irreasonable these past few months.”

Your breathing got caught in your throat, the tight hold in your dress being released.

“I’m not going to hold you back. I’m not going to make you choose between our marriage and your business, you know that.”

Harry didn’t say anything, closing off the space with him pushing me towards him by holding the small of my back, wrapping his arms around.

“But if it comes to that, I’ll choose you; every single day.”


KW’s Microwhump: Panic! in the Air Vent in Storage 24

The air vent scene in Storage 24 is a really good one, actually. It’s taut, suspenseful and claustrophobic - and it’s delightful to watch Colin squirm around as he crawls through the vents, first with slow, anxious movements and later with frantic, fearful scrambling.

(These GIFs are all full size ones, so click if you want them bigger.)

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know any fics where Stiles gets turned and on his first full moon instead of being overcome by bloodlust he's overcome by the need to sex up Derek?


wendy-gold said:I was looking for some werewolf Stiles fics where Derek turned him and sterek please =D

I didn’t find exactly want you wanted nonny but here’s a list of explicit, sterek, stiles gets bitten fics. And @wendy-gold, some of these are bitten by Derek some aren’t. - Anastasia

Originally posted by winter-capricorn

Unexpected Mates by Kleineganz

(1/1 I 3,848 )

Derek scents Stiles when they were paralyzed together at the Sheriff’s office, and it sets in motion something in their biology that they cannot control.

Incandescent Happiness by orphan_account

(6/6 I 4,367)

Derek needs to learn how to use his words and Deaton needs to learn how to be blunt.

As it Should Be by KuroKitty (HaleYes)

(1/1 I 7,240 )

Stiles comes home from his 18th birthday party at the bowling alley to find a surprise waiting for him in his room.

Or, the one where Derek has no chill.

Rebuilding Family and Learning to Love by SterekandMcDannoShipr

(2/? I 7,665)

Derek is the Hale family Alpha and a nurse. He meets and saves Stiles from Frontotemporal dementia. Derek begins to rebuild his family’s pack and tries to navigate his “relationship” with Stiles when he realizes Stiles is his mate.

Fading by doomeddean

(6/? I 10,490)

He blinked one last time his eyes becoming frozen staring up at the overcast sky. The pain disappearing. The pressure finally released as his body relaxed and gave in.

“Stiles!” It was far away. So far away.

There was light and then suddenly there was nothing.

Bite to Break Skin by Leela, qafmaniac

(1/1 I 13,351)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.

cast our fevers in stone by nagia

(13/13 I 64,120 )

What if fate twisted the other way?

OR: Stiles’s life has just become an object lesson in “why we do not go out in the woods looking for dead bodies.”

OR: Lycanthropy and ADHD are going to be the suckiest mix.

Stiles and Derek: Destined Lovers and True Mates by aries1972Sterek

(20/? I 52,282)

Well into s3. Deputy Parrish takes a liking to Stiles and asked him out. Stiles accepts since he thinks that Derek will never be asking him, so he settles. The date is planned, but will things go like they think? Will they even make it out on their date? What does fate have in store? Stiles dad sees first hand Dereks reaction that he had hidden from Stiles so well. He has a talk with Derek because now he cannot ignore the way his son has obviously felt about Derek the past year that he thinks he knows about. John now knows they have been oblivious to the way the other has felt for far too long and it’s time to do something about it. He knows how stubborn they both are so it’s going to be up to him and the pack to see if they can put them in the right situation to where it would be almost impossible for the truth not to come out in some form or the other.

isn’t it obvious? I love you* by Alphanimpala92

(20/? I 87,708 )

Derek please don’t do this.“
Derek stood in next to Stiles bedroom window, arms crossed over his chest.
“Why don’t you tell me why your here.”
“i was coming to make sure you were okay”
“But why?”
“because i was worried about you.”
“why are you so worried about me?”
stiles just hung is head for a minute trying to hide the tears forming in his whiskey brown eyes.
“because isn’t it obvious i love you”
Derek was shocked, he replayed those 3 little words in his head i love you, over and over again….. but all he could do was think back to one the girl who he ever really showed his emotions too, the one who died because of him.
“Complete silence i get it.” was all stiles could say, with a swift swipe across his face wiping his falling tears away… he turned and walked out the door, leaving Derek lost and confused and not knowing if there would ever be any hope for them being together. he loved Stiles the feelings were there but he was just to scared to show them, to let Stiles in and break though the lock and chain on his heart….

A Sharpened Tibia To the Heart by reluctant_abandon

(21/? I 115,428)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.


 ((angst for your soul

here’s what the asks say, left to right, up to down


“Jeremy you should be ashamed of yourself. Michael tried..”

“Omf rip Michael his self confidence is dead and buried like a gazillion feet under after that”


“W H Y” @ink-skies


“WHYYYYYYY MICHAEL!!(i lowkey live for angst but still) AAAAAAHHHHHHH” @fandomgeek34

Control Ch. 6 (NSFW)

You adjust the visor, trying to protect you face from the sun. It’s so bright it looks like the green of the grass turned into a mat shade of yellow.

“Remember to keep your arms steady but your hips a little loose.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. Oh, and don’t use your palm, try to grab it with your fingers.”  Jumin instructs you, watching intently as you focus and wiggle your hips. “Very good. Now hit it.”

You two watch as the ball falls down a curve and rolls slowly till it stops very far from the hole.

“Not bad for a beginner.”

“Too bad for such a critical teacher like you, going all soft on me.” You both chuckle and he narrow his eyes at you.

“I don’t expect you to be a great golf player in your first try. But… if the matter is softness, I can always be tougher on you.”

“How so?” you smirk teasingly, and he comes closer.

“I can show you no mercy and take that ball to the hole in less than 3 putts.” He says, adjusting his position and preparing to do his move. You two watch as the ball he putted flies way further than yours.

“Well played, I must admit. But what a coward, showing no mercy on this poor beginner…” you pout. And he laughs, wrapping an arm around you and bringing you closer.

“I suppose you can say I’m trying to show off a little. Now, your turn. Do it like you did before.”

You go to the ball, repositioning yourself the way Jumin taught you. But before you try to putt, you feel his arms covering yours, and his chest pressing against your back. He places a hand in your thigh.

“Remember to keep your legs in a parallel position.” His hands go on top of yours, gripping your fingers along the club. “Focus, MC… and… hit it.” He leads your movements, like the two of you are one player. “Very good.”

“Thanks. I… think I got it, you can let me go now.” You say wiggling your shoulder when you feel his chin leaning on it.

“Hum… I think I can provide much better lessons if we stay like this.” He leans his chin on your shoulder, and you both chuckle. “One more time, but slower now.”

“One more time, faster now, MC.” Seven moves backwards while your left hand hits his right, you begin a sequel of strikes. Left, right, left, right, crossed left! “Good girl! Faster!” you repeat the sequel of movements. “Now kick!”

“Isn’t this boxing?”

“Well, yeah… but neither of us are professional boxers, so give me a kick!” you kick his left hand. “Good girl! That was amazing, MC!”

You lean your hands on your knees, panting and letting the sweat droplets fall from your hair, then you look at Seven, who offers you his squeezer of water, that instead of taking a sip, you use it to splash water on your face as you sit on the mat, panting heavily. Seven sits beside you and you both chuckle breathlessly.

“Whew… I’m pretty rusty too, huh?” he says, plopping in the mat. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m pretty good, actually.”

“Yeah, I knew you would. Sometimes all we need is to punch some stuff to release stress.”

“Yes, when you call me to invite me to some sparring, I… have no idea it was exactly what I needed… I… been saying this too much lately, but thanks, Seven.”

“It’s fine. So… how are things with the internship?” should you mention what happened to Jumin the other day? Nah, it would look like you’re complaining and whining, and you don’t want to sound ungrateful to the guy who got you this internship, in the first place.

“It’s good.”

“Is Jumin giving you a hard time?”

“Don’t talk about Jumin, Seven.” You don’t really need other people to remind you of him, last days have been filled with thoughts of him. Sweet memories like the golf lesson alternating to when you two left, with you leaving his office and fighting your tears. Maybe there was a time you actually considered nothing of that was real, you weren’t in love for him, you were just pretending to Care for him in order to help somebody who desperately needed love and understanding, but… no, you’ve loved him. You still do, matter of fact. And how do you know that? Because of the fucking memories of the golf lesson, and how you would give everything to go back to those days.

Jumin knows there’s no turning back. Not on what you’ve done, and definitely not on what he said the last time you saw each other. He wasn’t fine with any of this, but if there was a little glimpse of comfort, it was on the fact he was pretty sure you were a cold woman acting like he was an unsatisfied client breaking a contract with you. But apparently, you were hurt too, as much as he was. And this pain is killing him, what could it have been doing to you?

He replayed that last arguing so much in his mind it’s giving him a headache. Your shocked eyes when he asked you about paying for the wedding dress with your filthy money. A filthy money you were willing to give up on when you two would get married. Ugh… you really were studying the exact moment to tell him about the domming ordeal, weren’t you? What on his actions could have possibly made you hold back for so long?

Elizabeth the 3rd finds her way to his lap, and he caresses her softly, rubbing her ears gently like you used to do. And though Jumin knows now she’s just a cat, she can’t know how complicated things got, he swears she’s suffering too and missing you,or what you pretended to be in front of them… maybe you weren’t pretending? You were really scared of his reaction? But he was changing for you, wasn’t he really worthy of, at least, the benefit of the doubt? Were you worthy of the benefit of the doubt? Ugh… see? Too many complicated thoughts a cat could never understand. Not even he understands, he just misses… the old days. And there’s no turning back.

“Zen would be a good power sub, don’t you agree?” he asks as you jab his hand again.

“Oh my God… no, we’re not doing this, Seven!”

“Ah, come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of us from this point of view…”

“I haven’t. I’m a professional, I would never take this out of the privates of my dungeon. But… I… thought how it would be if I tell the other RFA members about it.”

“Oh… yeah, that’s interesting too. But Zen being the power sub he probably is… would consider paying for a session after he finds out.”

“Oh… not trying to be a bitch, but Zen needs to get top notch roles in at least 3 or 4 musicals to afford one of my sessions…”

“Oh wow! If it is like this to Zen, just imagine to our poor little M Yoosung. Boy will never make his fantasies come true…”

“Yeah. Guess there are only two people in this group able to afford it, but one of them hates me and the other one is his best friend, who probably hates me as well.”

“What about me? I’m rich too!”

“Oh… and are you interested in one of my sessions, Seven?” you smirk, and he scratches the back of his head, blushing. “Kinky pervert!” you hit him lightly on his arm. “And here I was thinking you were a good catholic boy, tsk tsk…”

“You don’t know anything about me, MC.” He says, holding your wrist. “And if I may say, that’s the problem with people in your field, you label people too much.”

“The…  BDSM field?”

“No, the publicity field. Aren’t you getting a degree in publicity?” he smirks, Oh… what was the last time somebody remembered about this other job? Well, probably was with Jumin, but… “You label people in order to put them in groups so you’ll know to who you sell it, correct? Well, there are those people who you can’t really predict their patterns.”

“And you are one of those people?”

“Maybe. In the publicity and in the BDSM field. So… watch out for what you’re trying to sell it, you’ll never know if I want to buy it, at least not in the conditions you’re offering me.” Is he… is he flirting? Nah, it’s Seven! He can’t be really flirting at such a witty and provocative way, he’s too goofy for this, isn’t he?

“And what would be your conditions, then?” you place your hands on your hips.

“Hum… I’m not sure if I should talk about this when you’re still hooked on… Elly’s owner.”

“I’m not hooked on Jumin!” shit! You said his name again!

“Are you sure?” he asks, and you don’t really want to answer, so you start jabbing him again. Left, right, left, right, crossed left, uppercut, knock out. He falls with his back on the mat.

“Oh my God, Seven! I’m so sorry! I… I lost control, I…” once again, here you are hurting someone who has nothing to do with this just because one particular name has been brought up. It happened with your sub that time, and now it happened to your friend. How come Jumin has so much power over you even when he’s not around? “Ugh, I’m so stupid, I… Seven?” he looks at you and wipes the little trail of blood rolling from his upper lip to his chin, then he smiles.

“You have a good left.” He chuckles but immediately winces at the pain.

“Here, let me help you with your glasses.” You hold his arm and help him shift to a sitting position, taking his glasses off the mat and putting in his face.

He holds your wrist again, but not to stop you like he did before, is more like… he’s pulling you closer. His other hand holds your forearm as he brings his face closer to yours. Then you just feel the taste of the blood from his lips in your own, invading your mouth to be vanished by his tongue. He was flirting with you, here’s your answer, and it’s coming in the form of a very steamy kiss.

“Seven? I…” he kneels before you without breaking the kiss wrapping his arms around your waist. And you try to make a motion to pull him away placing a hand in his shoulder, but as he trails his lips down your jaw and nips it, whimpering, your hand balls into a fist, grasping his shirt as you let out a low moan.

Before you even know, he makes you straddle him and bites your neck, you tighten the grip on his hair, moaning. His hand slips to inside your shorts as his mouth reaches the cleavage of your top.

“Se-Seven, I…”

“Shhh… let yourself go, MC. When was the last time you had fun? No fighting for power, no worries about being in charge, just… having… fun?” he asks as he brushes the fabric of your underwear aside and slip one finger inside you, making you arch your back in response.

“I… nnnng, I…” you interrupt yourself taking your mouth to meet his again, sucking in the wound on his lip, making him whimper in pain and pleasure as his finger moves to your clit, drawing circles. Seven swallows each one of your moans, dwelling in the feelings you’re spreading to his whole body. And when you palm his erection and make him lay on his back, you know there is no turning back on what’s about to happen.

The two of you ended in your bed that afternoon. Now both of you staring at the ceiling. What is he thinking? You’ve always knew this was a very regular question when it comes to him, but right now, this is the first time you actually want an answer. What is he thinking? What are you thinking?

Right now? You’re thinking about his question. When was the last time you fucked for fun? No restrictions, no worries about losing control, just embracing who you are and how you truly feel? Well, it probably was a rhetorical question when it left Seven’s lips, but you actually had an answer:

It was after the golfing lesson, it was with…

“Jumin?” you ask, watching his name popping in the screen of your phone. “He is… he is calling me.”

“Aren’t you gonna answer?” Seven asks. Another great question coming from him today.

Who’s a terrible person? I’m a terrible person! It’s not personal, guys, it’s angst! Try not to hate me too much ;p

Chapter 5

I love you stretch marks and all | Prompto x Reader |

Slight angst and a lot of fluff! Another old piece from my other blog and AO3. NEW content later on today, I’m just in between waking up and making food.

“Prompto has been acting differently lately.” Gladio remarked as he was setting up camp, noticing the thin blond was gathering wood instead of taking pictures.

I looked over at where Gladio was looking sure the camera was out but he wasn’t snapping away like normal at everything that caught his interest. My sunshine boyfriend was super adorable when he was running around taking photos of things sometimes it was dangerous during a battle but I generally kept an eye out on him taking out any prey that was after him. I joined up with Prince Noctis and the others when they had just killed off the Behmouth Deadeye I had been taking care of my sick Chocobo, Rex. I wasn’t the greatest hunter around I was waiting for some friends to come and help me take down Deadeye as I knew there would be no way I could do it myself. In the end the Chocobros had taken Deadeye down me joining them after some begging to help Prince Noctis find all the Tombs of his Elders.Prompto had been the one that convinced them to let me go along with them specially since I had a pet Chocobo that Prompto wanted to love up on. The two of us fell in love rather quickly, his sunshine like personality was just so addicting his beautiful blue eyes were enough to drown in staring at all his freckles made him blush like crazy but I loved inspecting them all.

“I think I know why.” Ignis replied as he turned on the burner stove gathering up a few pots and pans.

Shedding off my jacket it covered in some Anak blood and needed to be washed I heard the tell tale click of a camera. A smile on his lips Prompto gave me a small wave as he placed a pile of sticks and branches to start afire.

“Well then explain.” Gladio said as he finished setting up the chairs as Prompto rushed over to help Noctis help set up the tent as he was struggling a little with it.

“Well it’s Miss L/N over here would be the answer. Ever since she joined the group Prompto has slowly been putting more effort in everything he does but if you pay attention it’s to the things that benefit F/N.”

I blushed quickly sneaking a glance at Prompto as he was speaking to Noctis about King’s Knight.

~~ That night ~~

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