why do females have to feel unsafe at all times ????? like literally im just getting a bottle of water out of a vending machine at a rest stop on the highway i shouldn’t be worried that some man is going to grab me???? me and my sister were walking back to our car after eating dinner and a dude was walking in the opposite direction we were both ready to throw our cpk leftovers at him because we were worried he’d attack us like???? this world is messed up??????

the zodiac signs as negative emotions
  • Aries: Anger
  • Taurus: Guilt
  • Gemini: Irritation
  • Cancer: Rejection
  • Leo: Embarrassment
  • Virgo: Pessimism
  • Libra: Fearfulness
  • Scorpio: Loneliness
  • Sagittarius: Shame
  • Capricorn: Apathy
  • Aquarius: Boredom
  • Pisces: Sadness