I plan on changing Ginkgo’s hair to a green bob once I get Shampoodle.  I’m still playing around with what exact color her outfit should be. (in game she’s wearing a palette to go more with her current hair)  At the bottom there you can see my first concepts for the town’s characters that I did in the days just before starting the town.  (And some messing about with colors that I’ve just now added.)  The characters will probably evolve a bit more over the next month.


Decided to take more advantage of my small amount of free time to do a few more - quicker - fanart doodles.

This time, from top to bottom, we have:

1. Angora from The Meek by shingworks

If you don’t read that webcomic you have no idea what you’re missing. It’s A+ material always. And the latest page is probably my favorite of them all currently. Also read Mare Internum!

2. Surama from Wurr by papermonkeyism

I really enjoy how Paper personifies the characters but still keeps a large amount of realism to them (i.e. the paw gestures and things of that sort) and I find myself really attached to all the characters. I’m really excited to see where the story goes and I love, love, love the pencil work in the pages. Sometimes she streams too so watch for that!

3. Lalli from Stand Still. Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg

This is the second webcomic by Minna that I’m keeping up with (the first was A Redtail’s dream which I have a perfect physical copy of) and it doesn’t disappoint. The map pages are some of my favorite. They’re so intricate and I love it. Lalli is probably my favorite character so far though he really doesn’t say much.


Angora would be that one last fight before boss in those arcade fighters, you know? The one fight that has you spew all your quarters into the machine only to discover the final boss wasn’t even worth it?

I drew A LOT of inspiration from sexyenchilada‘s Marvel vs Capcom styled win portraits, his stuff is the tops you should definitely check him out.

Also for anyone that remembers Rage-chan, her name is now Angora and this is her new design.