Mid-season Finale - Wish List


Genuine cliffhanger, no tidy resolution before end of episode.

Maura in genuine peril, getting closer to death the longer it takes to find her.

For Jane to figure it out, not Nina or Frankie or some goddamn computer search.

For someone (anyone) to mention they love/care about Maura during the hunt/case.

Jane to lose her shit.

To see some of it from maura’s perspective, how she handles being taken, not 40 mins of the Rizzoli show just because Maura vanished.


You didn’t have to pay for her bodyguard…


Fizzoli and Isles Episode 6x13 Promo


Now, if this show turns into a fanfic next episode…


Like The Mentalist. A penultimate season’s finale, followed by a final season that’s chockfull of what certain fans would each pay an arm for. Just saying.


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