Angelo Van Mol

When an aspiring designer wins both “The Motivation award” by Anne Chapelle and Ann Demeulemeester, and the “Menswear designer of the Year” at AMFW 2011 then, there is absolutely no doubt that the future is going to be spectacular. This is the case of Angelo Van Mol who must be really pleased with his numerous achievements in the menswear design industry, but not without a good reason.

The standing-out factor in Van Mol’s designs is that they have a certain maturity level that for many, it takes years to reach. His signature is profound, especially in his Spring-Summer 2012 collection where advanced tailoring lessons are delivered. Elegance and minimalism are in front line while a few well placed doses of luxury are infused in the form of buttons or shorts details, finished off with impeccable seams.

Written by Ada Alti from Eau de Style