Dear Motorcycle riders on the Angeles Crest Highway,

You guys must have found it endearing when I came around the bend blaring country music, swerved into a turnout, jumped out of the car said, “Hey there, how’s it going? Great evening for a ride. Do you see this fucking sunset!?” as I walked over to a corner to take a picture. When I came back around, you guys had taken panoramic shot of me and the sunset, and then you guys actually sent it to me. So basically, thank you and I love you. You guys are the best.


Angeles Crest Highway reopens, and fans can’t wait to hit the road. Hundreds of riders, drivers and nature lovers trek to the Angeles National Forest to enjoy the winding route that was closed for over a year. “It’s been so long, it’s like not seeing a friend,” one visitor says.

Photo: Motorcyclists cut a corner Saturday on the newly reopened span of Angeles Crest Highway. The route is a favorite among speed-demon bikers, nature lovers, hikers and bicyclists. Credit: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times