Angeles National Forest


The sun sets behind the most distant mountain. The breeze feels that much crisper on your bare skin. You see the fog rolling lazily along the mountain tops off in the distance. The sky’s hues shift to these warm tones while everything basked in the shadow seems to be bathed in blue tones. No city sounds here, just pure bliss. Mount Baldy, Angeles National Forest, California.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


ok, look, a house!

i’m obsessed with these little cabins in the angeles national forest (which is why i’ve posted them before). and i don’t really want to know much about them, as i prefer to think of them as abandoned hobbit houses.
or something.

there are around 50 of them, perched over and next to the river that might or might not have a name and that runs through sturtevant falls. sturtevant river?

and at present they’re all boarded up and kind of ominous.
but pretty.
and ominous.
and without electricity.
just waiting for their hobbits.

oh, and they’re also in los angeles. i mean, i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it many times again in the future, tautologically, but we live in a very odd city county place.

if you live in, say, new york.  or brussels.  or berlin.  or tokyo.  you might be asking yourself, legitimately, ‘how is this a city?’
but yes, it is.
and/or county.
urban semantics.
with hobbits.



These are photographs from my first roll of black and white film since high school (yes, circa 2008, eek). I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve finished a whole roll! I love shooting in black and white because it forces you to think in ways you normally wouldn’t if shooting color. These are in no way related to each other, but I figured I’d share them as a group.

1. El Matador Beach, California
2. Angeles National Forest, California
3. Georgetown, Colorado
4. McWay Falls near Big Sur, California
5. Los Angeles, California


there are two l.a’s (don’t you love big, sweeping generalizations?). 

the l.a of palm trees and the l.a of pine trees. (of course there are more than 2 l.a’s, i’m just employing reductionist drama.  thanks).

most people think of l.a as the land of palm trees. baywatch, beverly hills, etc. but there’s also angeles national forest and griffith park and about a billion pine trees.

these pictures are from mt. baldy, which is in the angeles national forest. they were taken in february, in l.a county. and you’ll see a little house (aka: architecture) where they give ski lessons. 
at the top of a mountain.
in l.a county.

i don’t want to malign the l.a of palm trees.  palm trees are ok, plus they remind me of “day of the triffids”. but the l.a of pine trees and parks and mountains is beautiful and often overlooked.

so here’s a little alpine house where they teach skiing and snowboarding, a chair lift, and an ocean of pine trees. all in l.a, probably 50 minutes away from where you live.