Angela Basset

What the Head Said
  • What the Head Said
  • Marie Laveau feat. Madame Lalaurie
  • AHSCoven

Cordelia goes “Fiona” Zoe goes “Kyle” Madison “Bitch” And Nan goes “Hi”…  Misty goes “Stevie” and Myrtle goes “Dear”, Queenie  “Voodo, Voodo, Voodo”… But there’s one sound that no one knows. WHAT-THE-HEAD-SAID… liiiiiiieees *music*

……#THEFUCKKKKK DID III JUST HEARD?¡!?¡!?¡! *can’t stop laughing*


Strange Days is a 1995 American cyberpunk thriller film directed by Kathryn Bigelow. 

The film was nominated for five Saturn Awards including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Writing for Cameron and Cocks and Best Actor for Fiennes, with Bassett winning Best Actress and Bigelow becoming the first woman to win the Saturn Award for Best Director.

Прекрасная работа гримеров и костюмеров. Анжела Бассет и Джульет Льюис - просто восхитительны в своих ролях!