Remarkable 2

(Y/n) stared at her reflection in the mirror, studying her face for any signs of insanity.

“An angel,” she scoffed to herself as she looked away from the mirror, picking up her toothbrush, and spreading a thin line of minty paste across its bristles.

As she brushed her teeth, she argued with herself. Her mind continued to reach out for the angel who had appeared to her, begging for him to reappear to her, but she tried to tell herself that it had to have been a dream– a very vivid one.

When she spit out the last of her paste, (y/n) took a cloth and wiped its remnants from her lips.

Looking back up into the mirror, she jumped, fear and shock rushing through her veins causing her heart to pump erratically as she caught sight of someone standing behind her in the reflective glass.

Turning to face the figure, her features twisted in soft uncertainty.

“Hi,” Castiel smiled slightly as his words flowed from his lips delicately, “Do you remember me?”

“Of course I do,” she smiled briefly, but sorrow rearranged her features.

“I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed you,” his brows furrowed a bit as he noticed the discomfort on her face, and his eyes shifted to the ground, “I can go if you’d–”

“Don’t go,” (y/n) said quickly causing his oceanic eyes to meet hers again.

“Please don’t go,” she repeated pleadingly.

Stepping closer to her, Castiel’s head dipped submissively. He chewed on his lip for a moment before looking up to her through his lashes.

“Why’d you leave me the other night?” (Y/n) looked pained underneath her angsty expression, “You said that you wouldn’t. You promised me. You promised me you’d stay, and I woke up alone thinking it was all just a dream. I, I couldn’t focus on anything. I kept thinking about you, your voice, what your body felt like against mine, how real it felt.”

“It was real. I’m real, and my… My feelings are real.”

“Your feelings?”

“As I’ve told you, you’re the most remarkable of all my father’s creations, and I… I just… I couldn’t keep watch of you without…” His brows tightened as if he couldn’t understand his own emotions, “Actually being with you that night, talking to you, touching you, holding onto you, I knew I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t do that with the knowledge that I could never have you.”

“Who says you could never have me?”

“You’re a human,” a flicker of admiration and astonishment at the small fact flashed in Castiel’s heartbroken eyes, “A descendant of Adam and Eve, and I’m an angel, a warrior of God. It’s not allowed, (y/n). It’s a sin.”

“A sin?” She repeated with disbelief, her brows tightening as if she were calling him a liar.

“A sin because our offspring would be an abomination, one that would be hunted and surely destroyed. I can’t… We can’t. Being with me would only put you in harm’s way.”

“In harm’s way? Castiel, I’ve never felt as safe as I did in your arms that night. Nothing else, no one else is ever going to make me feel so protected.”

“I will always protect you. I’ll always watch over you, but I can’t do more than that.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I just, I’ve been here with you as much as I could, but I had to see you. I mean that I had to see you and have you see me as well. I had to look into your eyes and know that you’re looking back into mine. Just one last time.”

“It doesn’t have to be the last time,” her eyes pleaded with him as she reached for his hands with hers, lacing their fingers together and setting his skin ablaze, “I know you feel what I feel. We’re connected, and you can’t just leave me now. You can’t take this away from me. I can’t lose you now.”

“You’ll never lose me. Im always here with you. You just aren’t always aware of my presence.”

She smiled softly, “That’s creepy, Castiel,” causing him to frown a bit.

“Just stay with me,” the seriousness filled her eyes once more, “Actually stay with me.”

“I did stay with you. I held you all night, and trust me, when the sun began to rise, I didn’t want to leave you,” his fingers wrapped around her hands more tightly, “The Winchesters and I… You know the enormity of their battle. I’m directly involved in it. It’s mine more than it’s theirs, and demons, other Angels, they use the Winchester as leverage whenever they can. They threaten their lives to make me bend to their will. I can’t allow them to do that to you. I can’t risk your safety.”

“I’m safe with you,” (y/n) whispered as she removed her hands from his and moved them to his trenchcoat, her fingertips tracing the smooth, tanned fabric slowly, savoring its feeling.

Following her lead, Castiel’s hands began to move across her body. His fingertips brushed up her arm, traced her collarbone, cascaded along her neck and jaw. Tilting her head into the touch and closing her eyes in comfort, (y/n) wrapped her fingers more tightly around Castiel’s coat, pulling him against her closely.

Castiel stared at her in awe of her beauty, and before he could think to fight off urges that seemed strangely and innately human, he leaned into her, brushing his lips against her softly.

An strange urgency surged through (y/n)– a desperate, needy, longing urgency that was somehow cool and calming like the breeze from an ocean.

Using her grip on Castiel’s coat, she tugged him toward her as she began to move backward, stopping when she felt her bed against her legs.

Bending her right leg, she slid her shin across the soft sheets and used Castiel’s body– her hands on his chest, her lips still mingling with his– to balance herself as she moved the other up to join it.

When her body moved back onto the bed, Castiel’s followed her. Climbing onto her as she lay back, Castiel’s hands rushed to her body quickly, holding onto her protectively as their lips continued to move together.

Feeling her chest rise and fall more quickly, against his, Castiel became aware of her lungs, her ribcage, the skin that covered them, and he briefly wandered how incredibly smooth that skin may be.

A faint moan vibrated in his throat, and he allowed his hand to wander slowly away from (y/n)’s cheek, over her neck, and across her breast.

His anatomy reacted to the tiny touch in a way he’d never experienced before in all his time on earth inside his vessel. He could feel his heart pound through his chest, his breathing grew desperate and erratic, his sex organ stiffening against (y/n)’s.

Moaning softly as she tried to steady her shaking body, (y/n) began to loosen her grip of his trenchcoat.

Noticing this, the angel became worried, scared that she wanted to stop, afraid he had done something wrong and that she was letting go of him. While the stopping of their actions was most likely in their best interest, Castiel couldn’t help but feel let down by it, and concerned that he had pushed the frail human too far by his body reacting to hers so inappropriately.

Pulling his lips away from hers, Castiel almost spoke before he felt (y/n) use her loosened grip to push his trenchcoat away from his chest slowly.

Opening her eyes softly as she peered into his, (y/n) could see that his brows displayed his worry and slight confusion, so she slid the coat down his arms cautiously slow.

His chest heaved as he moved his arms to help her remove the coat from him completely, his careful eyes never leaving her certain ones.

She smiled up at him reassuringly as she moved her fingers back up the length of his arms, stopping on the lapels of his suit jacket. Sliding her hands inside of the jacket, she began to move them downward, bringing the heavy, black fabric with them.

Though Castiel worried for many reasons– the sanctity of his existence, the reverence with which he held his father’s commandments, and how they fought the obscenity of his thoughts, the immorality of the deed they were about to enact– he allowed her to peel layer after layer of his clothing from his vessel.

He considered his piety as she unknotted his tie, allowing it to slid slowly from his collar. He thought about her safely as she unclasped the buttons of his dress shirt. When she pushed the thin fabric from his shoulders, Castiel moaned in his throat at the feeling of her fingers against his skin, and when she removed the undershirt Jimmy always placed beneath his button up, Castiel prayed to be forgiven for his inevitable sin.

Gazing at her as she gazed at him, Castiel brought his lips back to hers. Though it was passionate and fiery, his embrace was loving and careful. His hands began to shake slightly as he followed her example, moving his hand along her abdomen in search of the edge of her shirt. Breathing deeply, his need for her growing by the second, Castiel pushed it up her body quickly, but controlled. She sat up, allowing him to pull it over her head, and his fingers moved instinctively to her bra before she could lie back down.

His fingers worked vigorously to unclasp the hook, but his limited experience with him a sexuality caused him to fail in this attempt. Without moving his lips from hers, Castiel’s fingers released the hook, waved over it, and removed the entire bra from her body angelically.

“Neat trick,” she smirked slightly against his lips as he laid her back down.

Trying to hide his slightly embarrassed smile, Castiel moved his lips against hers, this time allowing his tongue to slip through them and deepen their kiss.

As he laid against her, the exposed skin of their chests connecting and brushing together, Castiel began to pant and groan against her lips as he grew needy for more of her.

His brows furrowed tightly as their kiss grew more intense, more hungry and desperate, and he waved his hand between them, removing her shorts and panties in the same impressive manner as he had done with her bra.

His lips broke free from hers, trailing across her jaw and down her neck as his hands rushed to her breasts, taking care to rub them gently as his tongue tasted their hardened peaks faintly.

“Ah, Cas,” she groaned softly, wrapping her fingers in his raven locks as he continued his downward trail of kisses.

He took his time to kiss each of her hipbones, and lick tiny trails across her skin between them before he moved to his desired destination.

His eyes took in the sight of her moist, slick opening as his hands rushed over her thighs, gripping them tightly as he leaned into her.

His tongue escaped his lips tentatively as its very tip brushed against (y/n)’s throbbing clit.

When he heard her moan softly, Castiel was filled with sudden confidence. His lips spread open and took her anatomy into his mouth as his tongue darted forward, licking her clit deliciously slow. As his lips began to close around it, he sucked it gently before opening his mouth once more and tasting (y/n) again.

Her moans and panty breaths only encouraged the Angel, and he quickened his pace ever so slightly, devouring her creamy core smoothly and without haste.

“Cas… Ah… Oh, Castiel,” she panted as she tugged on his hair, her body shaking under his controlled, concentrated, hungry movements.

Her words surged through him with electricity, the sound of his name dripping from her lips, coated with heated passion causing him to groan against her clit as his tongue danced circles around it with hungry, frantic lust and arousing accuracy.

“Cas, ah… I’m gonna… Oh, Castiel!”

Costing his tongue in her climax, (y/n) continued to wail his name between pants and heavy breaths. The Angel closed his eyes, basking in the sounds, feeling, and taste of his favorite human.

Her chest heaved as she came down from her high, watching Castiel as moved back up body, still covering her skin in kisses as if he were unable to get enough of her flavor.

As he laid atop her yet again, he shifted his weight to one side, gazing down at her body, bare and beneath him. Castiel’s eyes drank in the sight, allowing the back of his fingers to brush against her hipbone, his chest heaving frantically as he studied her form, still hungry for her.

“Cas,” she gasped breathily as she gazed up at him, the frail whisper prompting him to look back up at her with concern and worry radiating through his eyes.

“Are you ok?” He asked frantically, removing his hand from her hip, “I can stop if you–”

“I need you,” she smiled slightly, pulling him back into and crashing their lips together, “Take me. Please.”

Taking her lips into his once more, he used his grace to unclothe his lower half this time.

Feeling the cooling sensation of his angelic ability, (y/n) looked down between and noticed his impressive anatomy.

Biting his lip, Castiel looked down at her nervously, “This… This is ok?”

“Perfect,” she smiled, moving her hand to his ass and tugging him into her.

Castiel took a sharp breath in before he realized the tip of his erection was pressing against (y/n)’s core.

Leaning down into her, Castiel took control of her lips as he sank his throbbing cock inside of her.

Moaning at the tight heat surrounding his length, Castiel pulled his hips back slowly and re-sheathed himself inside her dripping wet aperture again.

“Oh, Cas,” she cried, her fingers sinking deep into skin wherever she could hold onto him.

His hips began to buck more quickly, sweat glistening on his forehead and down his neck.

“(Y/n),” he panted, heat pooling in his belly in a way he’d never felt before. “(Y/n), I…”

Hearing her name pronounced by fiery passion on Castiel’s gruff voice push her to her second climax of the night, and (y/n) moaned loudly, panting and breathing heavily as she rode her ecstasy.

“Cas, oh, God… Ah! Cas,” she moaned as her walls clamped in around his member, pushing him to his own rapture.

His hips jerked into hers hastily and choppy as he came. When they slowed, he swallowed harshly, his chest still heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

(Y/n) gazed up at him, watching his eyes wander across the room as he chewed on his lower lip.

“Don’t leave me,” she breathed, feeling his body shake on top of hers.

“I can’t… What we’ve just done…” He looked at her solemnly, “This is sinful. It’s immoral. It isn’t allowed. You’re a human being. Angels, we aren’t meant to love you in this way, to copulate with you. I… I know that I can’t do this.”

Shaking his head, his features twisted in painful contemplation, “I know that I can’t stay away from you either.”

“Then don’t. Stay here with me. Fall asleep with me. Be here when I wake up. Have breakfast with me, and–”

“I cant,” Castiel said plainly, and then he smiled. “You know that I don’t sleep. I don’t eat either. But I would like to be here when you wake up… I don’t ever want to watch you from afar again, I don’t want to hide myself from you ever again,” he brushed his hand across her cheek tenderly, “I want to stay here in your bed with you. I want to hold you while I watch over. I want to feel your chest rise and fall as you sleep.”

Castiel rolled over on his side as he removed himself from her, pulling her tightly against him and holding her protectively.

She let her eyes flutter closed as he continued, “I want to be the last thing you see before bed and the first thing you see when you awake. I want you to know that I’ll always be here, (y/n), and I promise you, I won’t leave you again.”

Half asleep, (y/n) cooed and whispered gently, “Love you, Cas.”

“I love you,” he whispered, placing a soft kiss on her temple as he tightened his arms around her protectively, “My little human.”

I look at the blogs of the people who left me and they post things like “wish I had a guardian angel”. And I laugh. They had one. But they pushed it away. I wonder if I realize they had an angel? That they said “you care to much I hate you”. Or when the angel cared to much for them that the angel wasnt focused on themselves and their friends that share their body that they slowly went insane…… The angel has found a new human to help but is so scared. Will I get hurt again….?