I’m still shook from last night. After years of work, Phil finally won an award and he won it all by himself. But even if it was Phil who won the award, he still wanted to share it with Dan since they have done everything together, since they DO everything together. They really love each other deeply and everyone can see it. Dan and Phil truly are the definition of love and I am so happy for them, I really am.

Not Knock, Knock Knocking on (Y/N)'s Door (Castiel X Reader)

After a long night of drinking, laughing and acting like complete idiots, you wished your ‘good nights’ to the boys, the lateness of the hour consuming you into exhaustion. You hummed ‘Bob Dylan’ as you swayed to your room, your voice echoing throughout the large halls of the bunker.

You walked into your room, carefully closing the door, before beginning to peel off your cozy sweater, throwing it into your messy pile of clothes. You opened one of your many drawers, pulling out a baggy grey teeshirt with a very faded Bart Simpson quote on the front.

Your hands snaked behind your back, fiddling with the clasps of your bra. You groaned quietly, looking up at the ceiling and whining in frustration, before attempting to yank the back, but no success. You were just a little tipsy from Dean shoving drink after drink down your throat, in attempt to get you to tell him a story about an embarrassing locker room incident in high school, but you simple refused and began to try and change the topic.

You began to cry out in annoyance with your constricting undergarment, before you finally unhooked the clasp, letting out a little shriek in victory, before your door burst open, revealing Castiel, with a red solo cup in his hand. “(Y/N) I’ll sa-” you quickly turned around, before gasping and turning back around, holding your arms over your breasts. “Cas, a little privacy, please!” You cried, before he began to stumble his words.

“A-Ah, w-well, I though, you were, I don’t, I’ll leave!” He exclaimed, using his large coat to cover his face, before bumping into your dresser, almost knocking it over. You sighed, and quickly grabbed a hoodie, and pulled it over you, before turning back around to help Cas. He was squirming around in your arms, jacket still covering his face and liquor spilling everywhere as he tried to leave your room, but you pulled the coat away from his face.

“(Y/N), my dearest apologies. I did not mean to see your… breasts” you ultimately cringed at him sentence, before releasing a nervous chuckle, you could never be mad at the angel, no matter how frustrating he could be. “It’s okay, Cas. Next time, knocking would be appreciated” you smiled, rubbing his back as he nodded, looking down at his feet, before looking back at you. “They were very nice” he said, in the most monotone voice, before your eyes widened. “Cas. . That’s . .”

“I mean it, well, I haven’t seen many, but yours are better than the ones I have seen” Cas smiled, before you sighed. “Thank you, Castiel. You really know how to make a girl smile!” You forced a fake smile, before he nodded, staying quiet and leaving an awkward silence to hang in the room. “It’s late, Cas. I think, I’m gonna head to bed” you yawned, before he nodded, and turned to head out of your room.

“Wait, (Y/N)” Castiel said. You looked at him, as he began to come closer to you. His face barely touching yours, lips inches apart, expecting Castiel’s soft lips to be placed upon yours, as your eyes began to close, until you felt a soft tap on the tip of your nose.


He was bad news. His skin was an art, covered with tattoos. He was everything I was told to stay away from. And yet still, I found my self lying in his arms. He was heartless, cold, selfish.That’s what they all said. But what I saw was a lost boy, searching for love, searching for warmth. His every move pushed me towards the level of insanity and yet still, I fell for him, hard. He was the devil. And I? Well, I was the devil’s angel.
I’m sick of trying to pretend I can live without you. Don’t you understand that? Can’t you see it’s killing me?
—  City of Fallen Angels, Cassandra Clare
I know im broken. Because the symphony of the world that plays in my head was once beautiful, now it’s only chaotic. A sweet lullaby, turned into the soundtrack of a horror movie.
—  Shade