Angel and Prince

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i was curious about starting the Cassandra Clare books but have no idea what order to read any of them in so that it would all make sense?? any suggestions?

• The Mortal Instrument Series
- City of Bones (1)
- City of Ashes (2)
- City of Glass (3)

• The Infernal Devices Trilogy
(Follows ancestors of characters in The Mortal Instruments. Read this because the characters are relevant in the end part of the Mortal Instruments. This trilogy is also better than TMI in my opinion)
- Clockwork Angel
- Clockwork Prince
- Clockwork Princess

- City of Fallen Angels (4)
- City of Lost Souls (5)
- City of Heavenly Fire (6)

• The Dark Artifices
(Follows new characters after The Mortal Instruments BUT the characters from TMI & TID are in here too!)
- Lady Midnight

** I HOPE THIS IS RIGHT! This is how I read them **

I got super inspired by @vickisigh’s art and decided to draw @cassandraclare’s modern day Tessa Gray! Vicki’s art is truly amazing and I hope to be as talented one day. I listened to mangokitty whilst drawing this and it was a super fun evening! 

Dark prince;

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genre: Fallen Angel!AU | Angst | slight smut

members: Jungkook vs Taehyung ft. Jimin

warnings: little bit of violence | marijuana & alcohol mentions

word Count: 17k (Iโ€™m sorry)

a/n: this is my first scenario that iโ€™m posting on this blog and finally after weeks of procrastination iโ€™ve decided to post this.ย 

summary: It all started when your worst nightmares turned into a reality - And so was the source of it all. The boy who you thought was nothing more than a figment of your unconscious imagination was more real than you thought, in the beginning he was hell bent on killing you- so why does he suddenly change his mind and now wants to protect you?

You guessed that the only option you were left with was to run, and if you were trying to remain silent while doing so then you werenโ€™t doing such a great job at that either. What with your loud exhales of breath and the sound of twigs that would snap and crack as you ran over them and through the trees.

The night sky seemed darker and the fog clouding your vision โ€“ foggier but what did that matter? You thought as you kept running, he was bound to catch me and as if on cue you heard his voice in your head saying: you see? I knew you were a smart one

He was mocking you, like he always does. ย 

You came to a sudden halt on a riverbank. Panting as you tried to regain some of your lost breath whilst cooling down your burning lungs. A feeling of calm just about to take over when you hear a sound from behind that sends your nerves back into a frenzy of fear โ€“ but you were tired more than you were scared.

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