Angel and Prince

This drawing is by @ganetrain and I just wanted to talk about it. This show paints such a beautiful picture of the effects of abuse. Zuko, who was physically abused and belittled by his father, spent years trying to complete a task, that even his father viewed as impossible, just to win him back. He later confronted his father (Day of the Black Sun) and became a heroin that eventually took him down. Azula on the other hand, spent 14 years under insane pressure from her father. She was the prodigy. In book two there’s a perfect example “almost isn’t good enough.” Before her coronation, she snaps. The mental and emotional abuse from her father coupled with immense pressure created probably the most terrifying person in the avatar universe. During the final Agni Kai, she would not have hesitated to kill Zuko and Katara, and probably Appa since he was there. The two are polar opposites and portray the two (given, extreme) common results of childhood abuse.

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will herondale aesthetic

❝every time i saw you it would be like standing on that roof all over again, making you despise me and feeling as if i were choking down poison.❞

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my favorite pairing out of all the shadowhunters has got to be jem and will from the infernal devices books. cassandraclare​ shattered my heart with these characters and i loved every minute of it.