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Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 6 -Smut Edition)

Week 6 is here and since today happen to be February 10… aka Smut Appreciation Day I decided to do somethig special with this… I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!! 


And now I’m here to present you with my favorite smut pieces, in no particular order *rubs hands pervertedly*

1- Enchanted Encounters by @impala-dreamer 

The reader’s cursed during a hunt and Dean decides he’s the best one to take care of her while Sam tries to get rid of the curse. This one can be a tiny bit triggering but just a little bit.  

2- I Don’t Wanna Hear it by @daughterofthebrowncoats 

I won’t ever get tired of recomendate this one, threesome, Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader x Dom!Dean, the back seat of the impala, dp, just dialogue. 

3- Slip of the Tongue by @kittenofdoomage  

Dean has no filters and has to say absolutely everything that comes to mind… 

4- A Rough Ride by @ilostmyshoe-79 

Thigh riding or whatevs it’s called… Um, yeah. That’s - gulp - That’s it. 

5- Always Willing to Help - Alternative to: Nothing id Workinng by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog 

The reader can’t find it in herself to do something and Dean lends a helping hand. 

6- Tense by @manawhaat 

I’m letting Dean rest to go take care of Daddy Winchester, he’s all stressed out and tense and I’m gonna help him relax.

There you go week 6, Smut Edition in honor of Smut Day Appreciation, I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!

Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them as well! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Feedback is the best way to show our love!

Tagging a bunch of people below the cut because I really want this to become a thing.

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Patience is a Virtue (Except When it Takes Too Long)

Title: Patience is a Virtue (Except When it Takes Too Long)

Summary: For the prompt “You lay one finger on me and I’ll –“ from @roxy-davenport​‘s SPN writing challenge - June edition: 

You know your husband well enough to realize that it’s nearly impossible to distract him when he’s halfway into venting about his frustrating week with a semi-cannibalistic Nephilim. So you improvise.

Thank you ever so much for letting me post this late. YOUR patience is very much appreciated hugs

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 3,600+

Warnings/tropes: light smut, reader and Cas are married somewhat, domestic silliness and arguments about correct sexual terminology. Un-betaed.

A/N: In killing two birds with one stone, I dedicate this to @angel–radio​, who requested  “a casxreader where Cas has had a really tough time that day and he comes home angry and refuses to talk to someone except the reader. If possible, could you make it fluffy and smutty?” I hope you like it, dear, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long :)

Originally posted by nomishanocare

The front door’s grating lock turned with a surprising level of violence, and you casually rinsed the suds off the salad bowl before setting it gently on the drying rack. You picked up a coffee cup just as your husband’s quiet, irate murmurings met your ears, followed by loud bang as the door slammed shut unnecessarily hard.

You bit back a grin and kept your back to the doorway as you listened to him stomped down the winding metal-work staircase and marched straight towards the kitchen.

“Good day, honey?” you asked lightly, soaping up a Dutch oven.

He grunted and jerked open the fridge, sending bottles knocking into each other.

“I’m guessing that’s a negative.” You continued to soap up another stack of plates as Cas continued to make a racket behind you, evidently not in the best of moods.

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Soooo guys the days are getting colder and darker which means late movie nights and snuggling up on the couch or it means writing. How about combining the two??

There is a lot of great movies out there and what is more fun than using them in fics. There is a list of movies under the cut. Check them out and choose one.

You can rewrite the entire movie, a scene from the movie or you can use it in your fic (have the characters watch it, talk about it, ect). You can use the score from the movie or even just the poster. Get creative.

There is a lot (100) of great movies and 10 different genres. Look through them and join the fun.


Send me an ASK (ASKS ONLY - IM’s and Replies and Reblog sign-ups will be ignored - As will sign-up’s via Anon cause come on guys…)

That ask has to tell me

1 Read the Rules!

2. what pairing (x female reader or ships) you want me to write for! Any SPN character or actor goes. Ships are for characters only (wincest, samifer and dalistar are excluded for personal reasons no hate meant I just can’t read it) - RP x readers are cool too.

3. The movie you choose to write (Title and number) for and a second choice in case your first pick is taken.

4. If you write from a sideblog I need the url for that one.

5. The last day I might open up for the option to sign up twice but as for now it is one time per. writer.


1. There is no theme this time which is weird for me but I decided to just let you guys go where the inspiration takes you!

2. You can write reader inserts with SPN characters or rp fics (as long as it is SPN related actors). You can write character ships if you so please. For personal reasons Wincest (in any shape or form - meaning no dean x sam, sam x john, mary x dean ect.), Samifer and Dalistair is excluded. I don’t hate but can’t stomach reading that either.

3. Keep it between 600-5000 words pls! USE A KEEP READING CUT FOR FICS OVER 1k OR I WON’T REBLOG. 

4. You can make it part one of or write a seris around it or make it a one shot. If you make it a series please make a masterpost and tag me in it so I can use it for the challenge masterpost. 

5. Remember to tag me: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and use the hashtag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” - I recommend you follow me and the tag for updates but it is not a must!

If I didn’t like it - I didn’t see it!! Give me a few days but feel free to send me an ask or IM letting me know it’s up!

6. Mention it is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night challenge and the title of your prompt movie somewhere in the header.

7. Use the tag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” within the first 5 tags.

8. You can write smut, fluff, angst or anywhere in between. You can use all the gifs you want - if they are NSFW please put them under a cut.  

9. Important Dates!

Sign ups ends: Oct. 12th - send me an ask before midnight danish time that day if you wanna join the fun.

You can post before sign-ups end but I will not be reading or checking the tag before after that date.  

Due date is December 15th All fics must be posted on this day - if you need a extension ask I am not gonna say no. Just please keep in touch. I spend a lot of time on these and signing up to never be hurt from again is rude.

Masterpost will be up by December 20th at the latest and that with all the fics with will be added to the Challenges page my blog.


I am tagging a few writers under the cut along with the list of movies to spread the word and who I think might want to join. 

Anyone tagged or not. New or established are welcome to join in!

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Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 3)

Wow, 3rd week in a row!!


My first crush of the week, is this gorgeous lady. She’s an unbelievably wonderful writer, that often complains about being a bit wordy. And I have to say, she’s not only wordy, not a complain, but also worthy of our devout admiration!

Now I want you to go to @kayteonline‘s blog and follow her immediately, if you aren’t already.

Her entire MASTERLIST is fascinating but I’m here only to present you 3 of my favorite stories. 

No Babies in Baby! - To Be Alone With You *Smut*

A two parts miniseries (over 13k words length. Wordy, yes, but sooooo worthy!) Dean x Y/N become parents, and although parenthood can be a bed of roses sometimes, it also brings A LOT of sexual frustrations along the way and it’s captured perfectly in this amazing story.

A Hairy Situation

So not what I had in mind when I read the title. Super fluffy, Sam x Reader (College AU? not sure). 

Last but not least Bela Donna series (In progress)

Sinfull Nightmare - Born To Be Wild- Million Dollar Man *Mild Smut - masturbation*

Dean meets you in a dream, and can’t get you out off his head ever since. What would happen when he sees you in real life? Also, Bela Talbot, that’s a warning because I know she’s gonna ruin everything. 

So, there you go, just 3. But can always go check her full MASTERLIST if you go follow @kayteonline 

For my second crush of the week I’m gonna intruduce you all to Laura, aka @just-another-busy-fangirl I haven’t really talk that much to her, but I can tell she’s super sweet! 

This is the first series I read from hers, and I have to say you will probably die from the sexual tension between Y/N and Sam Winchester.

Neighbors (AU) The Apartment - Night Out, Or In?  -  Awkward *Mild smut - masturbation*

Moving in to a new apartment can be stressfull, so what would happen when you find out the wall you share with your new super hot neighbor it’s extemely thin… What is it with me and male masturbation lately?


Dean x Reader, Titanic inspired AU, I must say this one caught me by surprise, not the ending I was expecting, this was perfect in comprison with the one I had in my mind! 


Sam x Reader, phone sex, masturbation Again? I just can’t help myself, and sort of fluffy ending, leading to what I’m imaining will be the hottest sex of your life.

This girl has an incredible selection of a wide variety of ships as well of plenty of reader inserts for you to enjoy. You just need to click the follow box when you enter her blog @just-another-busy-fangirl and then accede to her MASTERLIST

The you have them, week 3 crushes. Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Tagging a bunch of people below the cut because I really want this to become a thing.

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5 deadly venoms
Silken x Lady Pharoah x Henny B x Angel Davenport x Crystal La' Juene
5 deadly venoms

Silken x Lady Pharoah x Henny B x Angel Davenport x Crystal La’ Juene

swag swag.

5 of the baddest bitches in Chicago [including me of course] spittin that hot Dylan fiyahh on Vic Spencer’s new mix tape Vic Greenthumbs…I wana go out just to bump this shit!


Vic Greenthumbs, “Five Deadly Venoms”

Featuring Silken, Lady Pharroah, Henny B, Angel Davenport & Crystal La'Juene


NEW VID! 5 Deadly Venoms!  Vic Greenthumbs Ft. Silken, Lady Pharroah, Henny B, Angel Davenport & Crystal La'Juene