Rooster Teeth Extra Life Stream

As a teenager who goes back and forth between separated parents’ homes and who has no local extended family to speak of, family gatherings just aren’t a thing. So the Extra Life Stream is my Thanksgiving dinner, my Christmas Eve party, etc. And once again you guys didn’t dissappoint. So thank you everyone at RT for putting yourselves through this every year, not just for the kids, but for giving your fans an annual family gathering that gives us memories that will last a life time.


“This morning I was thinking of Doug when he was Jess’ age. I used to tickle him and he’d go ‘no, no no!’. Then when I was finished, he’d go 'more, more more, more!’. Which sums up exactly how I feel about living.”

Films watched in 2015: What We Did on Our Holiday (2014), dir. Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin