A rant.

I listen to Black Veil Brides, and I love their music I think they’re a really cool band. But oh dear god the frustration I feel when I look up “Black Veil Brides” and the majority of it is Andy pictures.
Yes Andy is hot, and yes he is very talented. But there’s an entire band with him! And guess what? They’re pretty cool, talented fucking people too!
This goes with any band; the lead singer shouldn’t get all of the attention.

Juliet Simms Support Post

Why does she get so much hate for being “unoriginal”?

If you think about it everyone is a copycat. We all copied this one look but just altered it in a different way.

Whether it’s someone’s awesome hair color or hairstyle that you wanted to try, your friend’s born-to-be-wild leather jacket, or some celebrity’s new earrings, we’ve all done it. 

You may say she’s just trying to use Andy to become more famous, But have you seen her music video for “End Of The World”?

She’s being herself, and she loves Andy.

So please,


Thank you.