maswartz  asked:

I honestly forget if you mentioned this but any plans for future Disneymon like Andy/Bonnie from Toy Story, Meredith from Brave, Moana from Moana? Maybe even Walt himself as the mysterious mentor with Mickeymon? PS have you given any more thought to that Avenger idea I gave a few months ago?

I have lots and lots of plans for future Disneymon! The question is whether I will ever do them or not. A lot of my ideas revolve around the plot I developed for the actual Disneymon storyline and are like villains or side characters, so it’s tricky to work with them outside of that. An example would be like, Ratiganmon (from the Great Mouse Detective) show up as an early enemy and The Sprite from the Firebird Suite in Fantasia and the dancing hippos from Fantasia show up as Allies. (Also, I already did Merida). I would love to do Moana when the movie comes out, so we’ll see about that. 

As for the Avengermon, there are some great ideas to be had there giant patriotic Captain America eagle. But I already have two unfinished digimon fandoms I started designing for (plus the ever expanding Disni-verse), so I am probably not going to get to them in the near future (but who knows tbh). If anyone else wants to take a crack at them, feel free! (I am perfectly willing to come up with some ideas however c:)

The overall problem is less a lack of ideas and more a lack of time. Along with the Fandom Digimon I also do all of the Disciplines and my Tarot deck and those both take up a lot of mental energy (as well as being sellable which is a nice bonus over the Digimons). 

Finally. (This is not directed at you @maswartz, it’s just a general statement to any peeps who happen to read this.) I am also applying to Grad Schools this semester and building up a traditional painting and a ceramic portfolio (like, two separate portfolios), as well as working as a ceramic studio tech at school, and it is sucking up a ton of time. So if anyone is curious why i am even less active than usual that is why (altho tbh i post pretty sporadically anyway). Hopefully in the spring I can resume doing one or two of my hundred in-progress series. 

When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.

The signs as Andy’s Toys

Woody: Cancer

Buzz Lightyear: Leo

Jessie: Scorpio

Hamm: Capricorn

Rex: Aquarius

Mr. Potato Head: Aries

Mrs. Potato Head: Gemini

Slinky Dog: Sagittarius

The Three Aliens: Libra

Green Army Men: Taurus

Bullseye: Pisces

Wheezy: Virgo