Andy Griffith

Did your tv have rabbit ears when you were a kid?

I used to watch the Andy Griffith show on a tv like this when I was younger. When we got a color tv, the Andy Griffith show was still in black and white but other shows miraculously appeared in color. It was more than a little bit confusing to my young brain.

‘What was really the backbone of the show — we never talked about it — but the backbone of the show and the thrust of the show was love,’ he said, 'the deep regard that these people had for one another.’
—  Andy Griffith reminiscing about his starring role as Andy Taylor in a 1986 NPR interview



believe it or not this all the same location - the original Lagoon from the first Creature From the Black Lagoon is also Andy Griffith’s fishing hole - and a location for Star Trek and the Rolling Stones and the Brady Bunch and Simon and Garfunkel - the little Franklin Lake Reservoir in Franklin Canyon up the hill here in Los Angeles.