Join The Great Tumblr Android Bug Hunt Beta

Help find bugs lurking in the Tumblr Android app before they get released to the bug-hating public.

Who’s eligible: The first 5,000 people to register. You need to be an Android user, obviously. And you should use Tumblr every day—because that’s where the bugs are. You can’t find bugs if you’re not using the app!

How it works: You’ll test each new release about a week before it goes public. When you see a bug, shake your phone with gleeful rage. Rage-shaking opens an email. Describe the bug and hit send.

What you should know: You’ll be looking for bugs, which means there are bugs to look for. Don’t register if you’re expecting a bug-free experience. But if you get tired of bugs, you can leave the beta program at any time.

What else you should know: Is in this FAQ.