Wolfsburg hire Arsenal academy boss Jonker as head coach

Andries Jonker has been appointed as Wolfsburg’s new head coach following the sacking of Valerien Ismael.

Ismael lasted only 17 matches in charge and departed on Sunday after just six wins in that time.

Wolfsburg were swift in appointing his successor, with the club’s former assistant Jonker leaving his post as Arsenal’s academy boss to return to a side 14th in the Bundesliga, just two points above the relegation play-off place.

“Andries Jonker knows VfL Wolfsburg well and maintained regular contact with the club even after his move to London,” said sporting director Olaf Rebbe.

“Both factors were vital in us achieving this top solution so quickly. He is an internationally experienced coach and an expert tactician, who provides the best possible requirements to get VfL back on track quickly and sustainably.”

Jonker was previously assistant to Louis van Gaal at Bayern Munich, and took over for five matches as an interim coach at the end of the 2010-11 campaign before joining Wolfsburg as number two in 2012.

Of course my kick-off for this brand new blog should be a Ned!

I tried to give this painting a little bit of an old photograph feeling and fuse realism with a more stylised approach. I’m pretty happy with the discoveries I made technique and brush wise and how he turned out eventually. Expect more Ned, he’s really high on my favorites list.

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1. Louise Odier, Souvenir de la Malmaison

2. Alfred K. Williams

3. Anna Alexieff

4. Auguste Rigottard

5. Camille Bernardin

6. Docteur Andry, Ophirie

7. Mlle Eugenie Verdier

8. Helene Paul, Souvenir de William Wood

9. No name given in the book

10. Marechal Vaillant

Illustrations taken from ‘Le Livre D’Or Des Roses’ by Paul Hariot. Published 1903, Paris.


“I think what makes it interesting is when you have a strong woman and the strength is coming from vulnerability and being flawed. And the strength coming from there, as a woman, is more empowering. It’s very interesting to play. For myself as well, being older, I’m so grateful. It’s rare to have so many women on one show.” - Paige Turco

Christmas Lights, Christmas Sprite

After seeing this adorable artwork, I absolutely had to make a story to go along with it. This isn’t really canon to Fairy Tales, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The art was made by the amazing @lamthetwickster and commissioned by @nightmares06. Thank you both, and Merry Christmas to all!

Approx. reading time ~5-10 minutes

After the hustle and bustle leading up to the holiday, nothing suited Jacob more than lounging on the couch.

The living room was kept tidy, with the rug vacuumed and the coffee table free of the usual craft magazines that adorned it. There was a low fire in the fireplace, behind a worn metal grate to keep any errant sparks at bay. The furniture, well worn from years of use, had been pushed aside from its usual arrangement to make room for a tall addition that glittered and glowed.

The Christmas tree was rumpled on one side, so they’d set it up with that part facing the wall. The rest was adorned with sparkling ornaments, and a string light that Jacob had been tasked with adding on. His mother was way too short to reach the top of the tree.

There was white felt wrapped around the base for fake snow, and a tidy little pile of wrapped gifts arranged around it. With the fireplace going and the soft light from the tree reflecting around the room, it made a typical Christmas setting.

The wood sprite fluttering around the room made things less typical.

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“We have this kind of weird thing with Valentine’s, where we try to celebrate Valentine’s, or at least have romantic evenings at other points in the year, not just on Valentine’s. I tend to get a gift when we go out for dinner, but we like to do special things throughout the year, regardless of whether it’s Valentine’s or not. It’s actually a good trick because it takes the pressure off the whole Valentine’s thing, which is tough for any guys.” – Jason O’Mara