• TorchMLP: So does Jacob have any other living relatives besides his mom?
  • Neon: He's got plenty! He's got his grandmothers and extended family, but most of them live far away. On his mom's side, they live in the states, but on his dad's side most of them are back in Greece. Jacob is proficient in Greek so he can converse with these family members.
  • TorchMLP: For some reason I thought his Greek side came from his mom XD are all his relatives on his dad's side so tol?
  • Neon: Both his parents are Greek, so you were not wrong XD His mom is just first generation and his dad was from Greece. And yeah, many of them are pretty tol guys. Jacob is definitely in the higher percentile for Greek men in general, based on my research. Beeg family
  • TorchMLP: for some reason when I picture Jacob's grandmother, I imagine a very smol woman scolding a tol teenage Jake
  • Neon: That's very accurate XD Why hasn't he started dating a nice Greek girl yet. Jacob, grandma's not going to live forever you know

Anonymous aked:

I just realised that all the names of my (main) female characters end in the same letter, but I feel that the names really fit my characters… any advice?

It really depends on how many characters we’re talking about here. If we’re talking maybe three or four characters, you’re probably okay, especially if the names are pretty different. If we’re talking like five or six (or more), I think you should really consider changing up a few endings. Quite often you can find nicknames or variations that will change things up a bit. 

So, let’s say your characters are Jessica, Andrea, Veronica, Latisha, Melissa, and Emma.

Possible alternatives:

Jessica: Jess, Jessie, Jessyn, Jacey, Jessamy, Jessamine
Andrea: Andy, Andi, Andri, Andree, Andrine, Audrey
Veronica: Veronique, Valerie, Verity, Nikki, Nicolette, Vianne
Latisha: Letty, Lethe, Lettice, Leatrice, Tish
Melissa: Mel, Liss, Mely, Missy, Melanie, Melynn, Melisende, Melody
Emma: Emmi, Emmaline, Emlyn, Emmalyn, Emily

Now, instead of Jessica, Andrea, Veronica, Latisha, Melissa, and Emma…

Jessica, Andree, Veronica, Leatrice, Missy, and Emmalyn

A little bit more variety. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited topics: portrayal of diverse characters, emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

May 27th excerpt:

Dean lifted up the measuring tape and dangled it close to Jacob. “It’ll only take a second.”

Jacob made a flat look at the tape measure, and at the notepad Dean had dragged closer. “No thanks,” he answered, sidling away from both pointedly. He had a feeling that the number, no matter how close or far it was from his estimation, wouldn’t be very encouraging at all. He was still small enough for Dean to drop in a pocket. “I already know I’m not winning any height contests here, so there’s no need.”

  • TorchMLP: Question about giant Jacob. How does that poor kid not starve to death?
  • Neon: Giant Jacob had a little food in his backpack that grew with him. After that he had to start catching animals ... luckily he's good at roughing it already
  • TorchMLP: he is good wildness survivor
  • TorchMLP: was he a boy scout?
  • Neon: Nope, he just went camping a lot xD
  • Neon: His favorite pastime with his papa
  • TorchMLP: sad but happy memories
  • Neon: Precisely
  • Neon: Jacob striving to be the gentlest tol he can be comes from trying to be kind like his dad x3 I'd say it's working for him

Of course my kick-off for this brand new blog should be a Ned!

I tried to give this painting a little bit of an old photograph feeling and fuse realism with a more stylised approach. I’m pretty happy with the discoveries I made technique and brush wise and how he turned out eventually. Expect more Ned, he’s really high on my favorites list.

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“We have this kind of weird thing with Valentine’s, where we try to celebrate Valentine’s, or at least have romantic evenings at other points in the year, not just on Valentine’s. I tend to get a gift when we go out for dinner, but we like to do special things throughout the year, regardless of whether it’s Valentine’s or not. It’s actually a good trick because it takes the pressure off the whole Valentine’s thing, which is tough for any guys.” – Jason O’Mara