NYFW (@nyfwofficial​) is here again. We’ve sent artists from Tumblr to cover everything and anything they have access to. Shows, presentations, backstage events—they’re going to share all of it with all of you for the 14th season in a row.

There’s a multitude of ways you can keep up. We’ll be reblogging the best of it over on our official Fashion (@fashion) Tumblr. The #NYFW tag will popping with the latest couture from the entire participating NYFW community. As always, you can follow this year’s photographers directly:

Photo credits go top to bottom and left to right in the order listed.

Portrait of a fireman posing with a fire axe by photographer Andries Jager of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, c. 1800′s.

Source: Rijksmuseum.

Of course my kick-off for this brand new blog should be a Ned!

I tried to give this painting a little bit of an old photograph feeling and fuse realism with a more stylised approach. I’m pretty happy with the discoveries I made technique and brush wise and how he turned out eventually. Expect more Ned, he’s really high on my favorites list.

Since this is my first post on my art blog, I’d like to ask to please consider reblogging if you like it, so I can garner a little bit of exposure. Thank you kindly!

[sorry to put this here for those who would never do such a thing but: Do not use, re-upload/repost or edit my art/posts without my permission.  Thank you ]