Angel in the Snow (Cover)
Kaylen Alan Krebsbach
Angel in the Snow (Cover)

Winter is always a hard season for me. I recently set up some recording equipment in my room, and decided that instead of letting the cold get the best of me I’d record an EP of winter-ish songs instead of sitting around being sad. This is the first. I hope you like it. 

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Do you have any favorite poetry blogs on tumblr?

Oh man, okay, there are SO many talented writers on this site, I WILL forget people & these aren’t in any order BUT:


Y’all need to be following all of these people PLUS THERE ARE LIKE HUNDREDS MORE BUT I AM ONLY ME. HI. I LOVE YOU. HI! <3

Poetry Tag Statistics January 2014

I’d like to start of this month’s statistics with a few additional stats about myself. I’m trying to post a new sonnet every week now (Monday evening seems like a good time) and of my last 8 sonnets, 7 have been featured. So thank you whoever was responsible for that.

My longest feature streak was 5 and the current is 2 (unless some editor decides to feature Locked Away which would combine them to a streak of 8).

I have recently reached 400 followers and I thank you all for your support. If you want to further support me, recommend me, reblog me, , follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You know, those places that are not as cool and friendly as tumblr. I really don’t seem to get any exposure there at all.

So without further ado and rambling, here are the stats for which you’ve come here in the first place. (I hope you stay for my poetry though.)

Total number of featured posts: 1465

  • The top 10 contributed 9.6% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 19.9% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 32.1% of all posts.
  • 629 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.33 times on average.
  • 266 contributors have been featured multiple times, 363 only once.
  1. viperslang, 20
  2. wordrummager, 16
  3. mickeymichal, 16
  4. mj-orchard, 15
  5. the-art-of-misdirection, 14
  6. esn13, 13
  7. vagabondkingpoetry, 13
  8. inkskinned, 12
  9. loqui, 11
  10. ladymycroftmansfield, 11

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I was wondering if you have any recs for blogs/writing/poetry like yours? I have read absolutely everything you have written and I would like to read more/branch out/be inspired by others. thanks so much!!!

yeah absolutely! you should check out: @wethinkwedream, @pouvoires, @alonesomes, @5000letters, @commovente, @andrewgibby, @defense-mechanisms, @rustyvoices, @elvedon, @tristamateer, @clementinevonradics, @inelegancies, @typewriterdaily, @latenightcornerstore, @fleurishes, @writingsforwinter, @madgirlf, @paperswallow, @contramonte, @hereislight