Swedish House Mafia - Don’t You Worry Child (Cover)

1. Ryan Higa (so he can sit next to me :3)

2. D-Trix 

3. Andrew Garcia

4. Chester See(lol i could so stare at him from across the table)

5. JR Aquino

6. Kevin Wu

7. Victor Kim(i want him to sit next to me too :3)

Lolz what if JR and Andrew started singing… then Chester joined… then Victor… and then…. AHHHHH *dies*

The *Progress Report-S1E1 “Eggs Benedict”-starring myself & @davidmooretv. Written, produced, and directed by myself & @jonjovellanos-cinematography by @commonless_. Music by@andrewagarcia: I can’t explain how nervous I was to release this to you all-so please know how much each and every single word of support means to me! It’s scary to try new things but you can’t expect a big return from life without taking big risks!