The Trio and Star Trek

Jonathan’s favorite series is Next Gen; he admires Captain Picard and the ideals that Picard so strongly adheres to, and the way that Captain Picard can notice his mistakes and become better. He’s not sure how he feels about Data’s faith in humanity, even after everything humans have done to him. Sometimes, he wants to shake Data; other times, he feels that forgiveness of past wrongs down to his core. 

Andrew’s favorite series is Voyager. He adores Captain Janeway, and he loves the family dynamic of the lost crew, and there’s just enough of a streak of rebellion in the series to be exciting. He also admires B'Elanna, in much the way he later does with Anya. He likes Seven fine, but liked Kes better. 

Warren’s favorite series is Deep Space Nine. Jonathan thinks this is unfortunate; Deep Space Nine has its merit as a series, but, in his opinion, Warren emphasizes all the wrong things, like using biogenic weapons on an entire planet. (“It’s efficient,” Warren argues. “It wasn’t necessary,” Jonathan replies. Andrew just thinks the dramatics of the episode was cool.)

When they talk about what it would be like in Starfleet, Andrew says he’d want to be a pilot, like Tom Paris, maneuvering tiny little crafts in intricate, high speed maneuvers through interstellar space. His favorite crafts are the Delta Flyer and the Defiant. Warren would be captain, of a huge ship, he says. Like the Enterprise-D, but less cushy. More like the Enterprise-D from the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Jonathan also toyed with the idea of being captain - maybe of the original Enterprise, or something of the NX class. Smaller, but not tiny. But Warren scoffed and said: “You’d be the smallest captain in Starfleet, huh?” And so now, Jonathan just talks about being Starfleet medical.

Medical’s cool, too, he decides. Bones was an icon, and he was the heart of the golden trio. 

Summary: When Andrew’s desperate actions to save a Slayer catches the attention of someone in heaven, the entire course of the Twilight crisis changes (S8 AU). Features - deaf!Andrew, Slayer Organization, and an ensemble cast of characters both alive and dead.

(This week - Xander has some bad news for Andrew.) 

Rating: T

Warnings: Mention of (canonical) torture

Characters this chapter: Andrew, Xander, Italy Squad

Thanks to: darkwingdukat for general beta-ing, violentpoetry/buffythecomicslayer for continuity and characterization beta-ing, and sleazy-edmund for deafness related beta-ing!

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