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Don't you think it's kinda gross that in that article when they asked Nick Brendan what's one thing you wish your character would have done on the show and he said have sex with Buffy?

I found it totally gross. I actually gasped and cringed when I read that. It’s actually really sad that having sex with Buffy is the ultimate goal he’d have for Xander as a character. 

AVC: What do you wish your character had done that you didn’t get to do?

NB: Maybe have sex with Buffy?

AVC: Why?

NB: I don’t know. Maybe Xander would have become a man. Maybe he would have found some super power in that.


Btw, I recommend reading all the interviews. Adam’s is very interesting, Tom’s is super funny, Nicholas’ is weird and gross and sad, and James’s is serious but amazing (he has such a deep understanding of the show and his character) 

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