Surreal Illustrations by  Gabriel Levesque Reveal an Imaginative Adventure within Everyone’s Minds

Top 4 Images are Mind’s Eye . Within our own imagination, anything is possible. Montreal-based illustrator Gabriel Levesque visually conceptualizes this abstract notion with his series titled Mind’s Eye. The alluring images feature a silhouetted figure who is illuminated by the scenes taking place in their head. Each inner picture tells its own story, with a tiny person confronting a foggy, grandiose landscape. levesque provides little information about who they are, but we get the sense that these imagined characters are about to embark on an epic journey.  Facebook

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so i bought the ebook for the new young wizards novel because i’ve been invested in this series for…a dozen plus years at this point. it’s exciting times for dorian.

anyway i’m on the copyright/publication info page and i see


Words and music by Andrew Gabriel and Cory Lerois © 2005 by Wonderland Music Company, Inc. and Walt Disney Music Company. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Reprinted by permission of Hal Leonard Corporation.  

and I am so excited to find out what context could possibly necessitate the use of lyrics from the kim possible movie

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dear boyfriend ( grayson ) dear brother ( gabriel ) *was that a choice um dear ex ( for violet )

dear boyfriend, 
trenton, i love you a lot. a lot more than i will ever be able to put into words. and i know right now….things are different. i’m sorry. i just have a lot of different thoughts and i don’t know what to believe. you can’t blame me for that. i’m sorry. i still love you.
                                   love, gray.

dear brother,
andrew. i’m sorry. i’m sorry for everything i’ve ever put you through. i know that won’t make up for everything i did, but i really want you to know i’m sorry. you’re my brother, my twin brother, and i should’ve treated you as such. but i didn’t, because i was so fucking worried about how people would see me. i don’t care about that anymore. all i want is you by my side, us actually being family, like we’re supposed to be. even if you don’t believe it, or me, it’s us against the world now. i’m always on your team. i’m always here for you. i love you, andrew, and i’m so fucking sorry.
                              love, gabe.

dear ex,
asher. i know you loved me at one point. you had to have. but that quickly changed, didn’t it? you became an entirely new person. i didn’t know who you were. you ruined me, you know that? i didn’t ever think i would be in a relationship like that. no one else thought i would, either. you ruined me. everything i did is affected by you. i can’t say anything without apologizing, i can’t be anything but selfless. as much as i want to hate you, i can’t. you were a big part of my life, no matter how negative it was. i still love you. and maybe….if you changed, i think we could work this time.
                                  love, vi.

It’s pulling me away downstream, now the water is risin’, my head’s going under, drowning my thoughts, turning ‘em off by noceurs featuring a waffle sweater ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Ant Man 2--Paul Rudd Writing The Script?

Ant Man 2–Paul Rudd Writing The Script?

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In 2014, Marvel released one its smallest superheroes in store, and today, there are reports that Ant Man 2 is already in the planning phase as the writers are scheduled to have a meeting with actor-writer Paul Rudd, who is reportedly co-writing the script.

According to an interview with Superhero Hype, Rudd confirmed that the sequel of the hit movie is already being planned. “We are doing a second one, so those meetings are starting to be scheduled and underway as far as what it’s going to be. We’ll start writing it soon.”

Rudd will be writing alongside Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who were hired last December, to write for the movie Ant Man and the Wasp. During the interview, Rudd also expressed how Marvel has been treating him ever since he started working for the team. “It’s been very easy. Marvel’s been great, as far as if I have something else and they’ll work around it. It’s not like I’m working on a series which might be a little trickier as far as schedule,” the actor said. The statement of Rudd also pertains to how easy it was for him to schedule a meeting to discuss all of his possible Marvel movies.

Appearing in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, Rudd also shared how he was able to deal with the set of movies he has to film and how supportive Marvel was to his commitments aside from his project with the production. “I worked on Captain America: Civil War and I didn’t really work on it for very long, but as far as Ant Man 2, I already know when that’s going to go, so you just kind of plan accordingly. If anything comes along that I can film before or after and it works out time-wise and it makes sense, Marvel’s been supportive.”

Talking about the movie, Movie Web reported that Ant Man and the Wasp will showcase both Rudd’s Ant Man and Evangeline Lily’s the Wasp. The director of the first installment, Peyton Reed, will also be directing the sequel.

Although there are still limited details about the movie, mainly because it is still being planned, fans are already anticipating it especially after the first one’s international success. Ant Man and the Wasp is scheduled to premiere on July 6, 2018.

Goosebumps (2016) Review

Welcome to the funhouse! Goosebumps (2016) #Review

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Although I’m familiar with the franchise, I was too old for the “Goosebumps” books when they first came out. I earned my reading strips devouring the adventures of The Hardy Boys (the very first book without any pictures I read was “While The Clock Ticked”) and Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators. When I got into horror books, it was Stephen King, James Herbert and F Paul Wilson that I…

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How Are Those Things Connected?

From a patient look into the history of our relationship with opening sentences comes the following: 

Very often, a successful literary first sentence involves some sort of odd yoking. The beginning of Orwell’s Coming Up For Air is typical: “The idea really came to me the day I got my new false teeth.” Not only is there the vagueness of “the idea”; there’s also the question of just what sort of fascinating idea could come from false teeth. Marquez, whose sentences always make the lists, is a master of this technique. His most celebrated novel, 100 Years of Solitude, opens, “Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.” Sure, there’s killing going on, but what you want to know about is a simple childhood experience. His second most celebrated novel, Love in the Time of Cholera begins, “It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.” Again, the mystery is human, slight. Like with Orwell’s teeth—how are those things connected?

Read the whole history at Electric LitIn Search of the Novel’s First Sentence: A Secret History, by Andrew Heisel.


A Reasonable Request from Andrew Laurich on Vimeo.

A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever.

Starring: John Ennis & Stephen Ellis

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller and Andrew Laurich
Cinematography: Scott Uhlfelder
Producer: Christina Lee
Editor: Daniel Reitzenstein
Music: Gregory James Jenkins

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A Reasonable Request from Andrew Laurich on Vimeo.

A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever.

Starring: John Ennis & Stephen Ellis

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller and Andrew Laurich
Cinematography: Scott Uhlfelder
Producer: Christina Lee
Editor: Daniel Reitzenstein
Music: Gregory James Jenkins
[1602.00129] Rapid, broadband spectroscopic temperature measurement of CO2 using VIPA spectroscopy

[ Authors ]
Andrew Klose, Gabriel Ycas, Flavio C. Cruz, Daniel L. Maser, Scott A. Diddams
[ Abstract ]
Time-resolved spectroscopic temperature measurements of a sealed carbon dioxide sample cell were realized with an optical frequency comb combined with a two-dimensional dispersive spectrometer. A supercontinuum laser source based on an erbium fiber mode-locked laser was employed to generate coherent light around 2000 nm (5000 cm-1). The laser was passed through a 12-cm long cell containing CO2, and the transmitted light was analyzed in a virtually imaged phased array- (VIPA-) based spectrometer. Broadband spectra spanning more than 100 cm-1 with a spectral resolution of roughly 0.075 cm-1 (2.2 GHz) were acquired with an integration period of 2 ms. The temperature of the CO2 sample was deduced from fitting a modeled spectrum to the line intensities of the experimentally acquired spectrum. Temperature dynamics on the time scale of milliseconds were observed with a temperature resolution of 2.6 K. The spectroscopically-deduced temperatures agreed with temperatures of the sample cell measured with a thermistor. Potential applications of this technique include quantitative measurement of carbon dioxide concentration and temperature dynamics in gas-phase chemical reactions (e.g., combustion), and plasma diagnostics.