Captain Raymond Holt of the ninety-ninth precinct in Brooklyn, New York watches Sherlock canonically. If I could take a screenshot, I would. That is all.

You can see for your self in “The Party”

Marvel Fun Fact

Bruce is not actually Doctor Banners name his full name is Doctor Robert Bruce Banner

He goes by his middle name because Stan Lee has forgotten what his actual name was

It’s a question that I’m always reluctant to answer. I’ll tell you why because … When you do interviews with journalists that’s ALWAYS the question they ask. They always say ‘What’s the story with freaky fans that you have? What did they do? What scary things do they say?’ and I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: When it’s a sport and people are fans of a team, they go into the stadiums and they dress up in the colours and everybody accepts it as perfectly normal. But when people are fans of a TV show or a film, they’re somehow described as freaky or suspicious or that there’s something kind of odd about that and I see absolutely no difference in it. In fact, I think our ability to be able to play in adulthood which is something that we do … When children play we let them play and that’s part of life. And the further we go into adulthood, we move so far away from our ability to play and just have fantasy and do stuff that we really enjoy and do it with pride and with passion. So I’m reluctant to say that fans are strange or freaky or anything like that because … You know, from ANY of my experiences with all the people that I met today, on any Cons that I go to, I always meet fantastic people who allow themselves to be vulnerable and to be a little bit fucking weird.
—  Andrew Scott on weird fans (Wales Comic Con 2018)

That feeling you get when you find out about a new actor and you can feel yourself spiralling into yet another obsession but it’s too late to back out now so you let it take over your social life