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I was feeling too depressed to go to school yesterday but I found your panicked dad AU somehow and I read it all through the day and honestly, it made me feel a bit better so thank you for that. It’s honestly so amazing and I just love the way you write Nicky and give him the validation and appreciation he deserves. You’re a real gem to this fandom

I am so sorry you had a bad day. Depression is a bitch. I’m glad I managed to make you feel a bit better with my fic, seriously, so here’s the first chapter of the new arc, Teenage Twinyards, hoping it will make you smile a bit. Be tough, I know you will kick ass as soon as you’re a bit better <3

It’s really short but I personally love it because it is inspired from experience.

Previous Arc | Part I

At the ripe age of twenty-seven, Nicky has the knees of an eighty years old man and roughly the same will to deal with bullshit of every kind, especially after spending the whole day fending off Allison’s bad mood so it wouldn’t ruin the business.

The whole week had been a mess, to be honest, starting with Reynolds Sr stopping by on Monday for apparently no reason at all except complaining. Oh, and giving the stinky eye to Nicky’s desk and the pasta-and-pebbles frame on it, filled with a picture of him and the twins at eight, the first time he got to take days off and bring them on a vacation to the beach.

For the past five days Nicky has carried out meetings in Allison’s place when possible, or kicked her ankle, hard, when she had to be present and wouldn’t stop being pissed, so now he’s ready to collapse on the couch, propose delivery pizza — which would be an unanimous yes, the twins are twelve, of course they love pizza — and then fall into a deep slumber.

Which is why it shocks him a bit to enter the apartment and be met with Aaron laying on the couch, a book on his chest and an unexpected sentence on his lips. 

“Andrew tried to dye his hair.”

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I bet my ass that Andrew once hit the ball so hard across the court that it went into the opposing team’s goal and it goes down in history as one of the most badass Exy plays ever and he wins an award for Best Goalkeeper and for his speech he just says “I guess stickball’s alright. Thanks for the paperweight.” and leaves and no one gets it but Neil and Kevin are in tears. 

Andrew’s apathy and mental state are so fascinating to me because of how complex and, in a sense, unusual they are (I mean, Andrew really is apathetic, he’s not hiding some sort of golden heart full of emotions behind a mask) but you know what I don’t see people really discuss? Neil’s apathy.

It’s not as bad as Andrew’s obviously, and I think it’s maybe more due to his upbringing (how he was taught to not care about certain things) than his trauma, but there are still moments where he simply doesn’t get why people are making a big deal of things. Or in the case of Seth’s death, he understands but he still doesn’t feel anything. He feels responsable but that’s logic, not really feeling, you know? Responsable isn’t the same as sorry.

Honestly, Neil’s emotions, especially toward others, are kind of muted during the first one and a half books. I think the fall banquet is a starting point for his to start shedding his apathy, and even more so after the Drake incident.

But I wonder if it’s really gone? Like, a lot of fanfics I’ve seen that take place immediately after the canon seem to either forget about this apathy or just think it’s enterely gone, and I honestly think that maybe there are still moments where it comes back because that kind of thinking doesn’t just disappear because you foubnd a family, you know? Especially when you found that family in the midst of traumatic events.

Anyway I’d love to hear other’s thoughts about this

neil’s gaydar at the start of the series is atrocious he really thought the gayest man and the biggest lesbian in history were a Thing like… p l e a s e 

i still find it hard to like andrew because he seems toxic to me…he was manipulative and abusive and always hurting his teammates and i understand that he went through a lot but still doesnt excuse his actions? and they just deal with it? which is sad and it does him injustice i feel like. i really wish i could love him as much as this fandom does but i really cant. pls dont hate me i dont mind that ppl like him he just makes me personally uncomfy :(

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