Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ To Open Dec. 23
By Anthony D'Alessandro

Paramount is giving a limited run for Martin Scorsese’s Silence on Dec. 23 just in time for awards season with a wide expansion in January, a date that’s still TBD. That’s a similar platform that 20th Century Fox/Regency took with their Oscar-winner The Revenant: going limited at Christmas and wider in January. Questions swirled whether Silence would be ready for this fall, and if it would be bumped for a Cannes Film Festival premiere in the spring, however, as early as a month ago we heard Silence would definitely be a go for this year. The question was when. Not only did Par need to find the right launch date on the calendar, but we heard that Scorsese was trying to whittle down a cut of Silence that’s three hours long.  Silence marks Scorsese’s fifth directorial release with Paramount. Since working with the Melrose lot, the director’s back-to-back releases Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street accumulated 16 Oscar noms with Hugo winning five. Paramount acquired U.S. distribution rights to Silence in July 2014.

It will be the holiday moviegoing season, and despite Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being the behemoth in multiplexes, arthouses will also be filled. When Silence opens on Dec. 23 it will be in competition with Focus Features’ J.A. Bayona film A Monster Calls on Dec. 23. Two days prior Sony Pictures Classics will have Pedro Almodovar’s Julieta and Lionsgate has Peter Berg’s Patriots Day in New York, L.A. and Boston. Among other awards contenders in wide release at that time, there’s Warner Bros./New Line’s Collateral Beauty on Dec. 16 and Paramount’s Fences and Weinstein Co.’s Gold on Christmas Day.

Silence has been one of Scorsese’s dream projects during his career with the director expressing interest in a feature adaptation of the 1966 Shusaku Endo novel since 1991. Set in the 17th century, Silence tells the tales of Portuguese Jesuits who embark on a journey to Japan to find their missing mentor, and spread Christianity while risking their lives. Pic stars Andrew Garfield (Father Rodrigues), Liam Neeson (Father Ferreira), Adam Driver (Father Garrpe) and Ciaran Hinds (Father Valignano). Throughout the years, Scorsese has gotten close to makingSilence numerous times, with actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio Del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal. But the pic has always gotten pushed, and there was even alawsuit over how long it all took. IM Global handled foreign sales on the film with financing coming from Emmett/Furla Films and Paul Breuls and Corsan Films. Randall Emmett & George Furla will also produce alongside Emma Koskoff of Sikelia Productions, Irwin Winkler, Vittorio Cecci Gori, and Barbara DeFina.

What it’s Like Dating Peter Parker

((ok so i saw civil war last night and that movie just reminded me how much i love peter parker so here we go))

  • at first he’d be super nervous to talk to you so he’d stumble a lot when trying to carry a conversation
  • and then you’d laugh at something he said and he’d loosen up a little
  • he’d wait for you by your locker every day after school so you can walk home together
  • having a harry potter marathon at your house one day when he randomly blurts out that he likes you
  • he’d then get super panicky bc he thinks he messed up your friendship and his eyes instantly light up when you say you like him too
  • he’d leave your house grinning and then come back 3 seconds later to ask you out 
  • peter would take you to a nice restaurant in manhattan for your first date, and after he’d walk you home and kiss you on the cheek before turning around to leave - you’d catch his arm, turn him around and kiss him square on the lips, leaving him giddy af
  • he loves to touch your hair, some days he’ll sit with you and just run his fingers through your hair all the time
  • sometimes he’d just randomly come over when you’re doing work just to be near you 
  • he’d always hold your hand in the school hallways just ‘cuz he can
  • you’d find out he’s spiderman one day when you barge into his room and he’s modifying his suit - he’d get super nervous and would try to cover it up
  • “um what- i mean it’s- no i just help him out sometimes”
  • “peter i know you’re him, drop the act”
  • “i swear babe, im not spiderman”
  • “peter!”
  • when he knows you’re super stressed peter will get takeout and come over to yours and just make you relax and sit with him to destress bc he loves spending time with you
  • he’s always gonna make you laugh, even when you’re crying 
  • surprise hugs from behind every day at school
  • he’d take you on long walks just around new york and buy you hot dogs from the small carts 
  • he wakes up before you and just spends the whole time memorizing every detail of your face
  • he’d say i love you first - and then he wouldn’t stop saying it
  • PET NAMES omg peter loves giving you pet names like “babe” or “baby” or “sweetie” or “my love” 
  • he’d probably wear his spiderman costume under his prom tux tbh bc he’s such a dork
  • “i can’t believe the prettiest girl in the world is my girlfriend”
  • peter’s a boy who’s a sucker for grand gestures
  • like you’d be chilling on a friday night and you’d get a text from him saying to look out your window and he’d be standing there with a bouquet of roses and your favourite song blaring from a boombox
  • you dragging him to central park in the evening because you love watching the sunset from there
  • one night you’d fall asleep there with peter’s arms around you and you’d wake up the next morning to the sound of little kids running around
  • peter would be really nervous to meet your parents for the first time but a week later he’d be coming into your house and opening up the fridge like it’s his own
  • your parents LOVE him, they think he’s an absolute cutie bc he charmed the heck out of them with his dorky smile and cheesy jokes
  • he’d use infinite pickup lines on you even after you’ve been dating for forever
  • “do you believe in love at first sight or should i walk by again?”
  • “pete we have been dating for a year”
  • watching star wars and cuddling with him because he’s such a lovable cutie pie i want a peter parker