Photographer: “Do grumpy, Andrew; I wanna see grumpy.”

Andrew: “Grumpy? Okay… no problem. Any other fairy-tale dwarfs while I’m about it?

Photograhpher: “No, no… just grumpy’s fine.”

Andrew: “Gotcha.”

Photographer: “Perfect! You look like a miserable git!”

Andrew: “That’s ‘cause I am a miserable git.”

Photographer: “Yeah… um… you’re a great actor, Andrew, but you’re not fooling anyone with that line.”


… working at the morgue and living with Sherlock and John. 

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Sherlock deduces that you are in a relationship but doesn’t know with whom. When Sherlock goes to the pool to meet Moriarty, you are the one to meet Sherlock, who is completely blown off by the fact that he was never able to deduce you’re in a relationship with Jim. 

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You threaten Sherlock and John, telling them not to mess with the Moriartys and you exit the pool, only to meet Jim who tells you “Well done, love.”

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