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Inked Tragedy || Peter Parker

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[prompt: you meet a man covered in tattoos. at night, his tattoos move and tell a story. write one of the stories.] –prompt given via Reddit

You live in a world where the most significant moment in your life is etched upon your skin in the form of a tattoo. Where the tattoo is formed and what event is being told varies from person to person, but one thing remains the same and that is how each night, the ink that stains a person’s skin will move and unravel a particular memory. It’s a very intimate ritual and you weren’t sure if there is a way to prevent such a thing from happening.

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Eric Nam ft. Loco - Can’t Help Myself MV!

(A: 220 | C: Andrew Choi, 220 & Eric Nam | L: Tablo & Loco)


>> 2PM the 5th Album #No5 Track List <<

Release Date : 15th of June 2015

01) 우리집 (My House) *Title Track*
   Lyrics by : Jun. K
   Composed by : Jun. K, Lel
   Arranged by : Lel

Jun. K’s Tip: Sing it for fun when you’re going to your friend’s house! Or, confess to the person you like like a real man with a tint of cuteness! As you sing this song.

02) Nobody Else
   Lyrics by : Lee Junho
   Composed by : Lee Junho, Hong Jisang
   Arranged by : Hong Jisang

Junho’s Tip : When you want a night with mood alone or with somebody.

03) 환각 (Hallucination)
   Lyrics, Composed, & Arranged by :
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Nichkhun’s Tip : Please listen to this song as a warm up before watching a morning (makjang) drama.

04) 너만의 남자 (Only Your Man)
   Lyrics by : Jun. K
   Composed by : Kim Taesung, Frost, Secret Weapon, Jun. K
   Arranged by : Secret Weapon
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Jun. K’s Tip : This music contains everything about the worst guy there is, be careful of a bad man!

05) 여름보다 뜨건운 너 (You’re Hotter than Summer)
   Lyrics by : Chansung
   Composed by : 220, Brian Cho, Andrew Choi, Chris Hope, J Faith
   Arranged by : 220, Brian Cho
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Wooyoung’s Tip : Think about the oncoming summer while eating ice-cream with the person you love, and when you listen to this song it becomes the fantasy chemistry.

06) 미칠 것 같아 (I Might Go Crazy)
   Lyrics & Composed by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY, Raphael
   Arranged by : Raphael

Taecyeon’s Tip : If you feel like you can no longer stand being in the grey/friend zone, listen to this!

07) RED
   Lyrics by : Kim Eunsu
   Composed by : Andreas Oberg, Chris Wahle, Jimmy Burney
   Arranged by : Chris Wahle
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Junho’s Tip : When you don’t want to be alone, to her who is going to leave.

08) Wanna Love You Again
   Lyrics & Composed by : Chansung
   Arranged by : Super Changddai
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Chansung’s Tip : When you are alone at night and you think of someone, listen to this song.

09) Know Your Mind
   Lyrics & Composed by : Ragoon IM, Ban Misun
   Arranged by : Ragoon IM, Hong Younghwan IM

Nichkhun’s Tip : When you are in love, you will feel even better if you listen to this song while taking a walk or a drive.

10) Magic
   Lyrics & Composed by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY, Raphael
   Arranged by : Raphael 

Taecyeon’s Tip : Listen to this when you imagine yourself going to a 2PM concert. (Btw, 2PM concert is on June 27th/28th in Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. We will also perform this song lulz)

11) Jump
   Lyrics & Composed by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY, Raphael
   Arranged by : Raphael

Wooyoung’s Tip : When you get used to a routine sometimes you might get depressed. Then you will refresh mentally if you release physical stress. Right then JUMP! Click!! Mood UP!!

12) Good Man
   Lyrics by : Chansung
   Composed by : Chansung, Ryan IM
   Arranged by : Ryan IM, Hong Younghwan IM
   Rap Making by : Taecyeon a.k.a TY

Chansung’s Tip : Please listen to this song when you are driving in the sunset and you want to feel emotional.

Trans by Egle (2PMAlways)


Broken(Intro,) - MBLAQ | Anything - Yong Junhyung | Someday - VIXX | Easy Man - Vanilla Acoustic | Why I’m Not? - SPEED | Y.O.U - SHINee | Please, Don’t Go - SHINee | Symptoms - SHINee | Love Hurts - Pro C | Bad Memory - Pro C | Baby I’m Sorry - MYNAME | Hello - NU'EST | GoodBye Summer - F(X) | Hold Me Tight - LOCO | Damage - Mario | Rose - Lee Hi | I Need You - Sunggyu | Please Don’t… - K.Will | Go - Jay Park | I Love You - Jay Park | Different - Giriboy | Lights On - Geeks | ThatXX - Andrew Choi | Baby, Don’t Cry - EXO | KILL THIS LOVE - EPIK HIGH | Your Pieces - EPIK HIGH | Bulletproof - eAeon | Gone - CheonDung | Insane - BTOB | Be The Light - Block B | MONSTER - BigBang | BAD BOY - BigBang | Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) - B2ST | Shadow - B2ST | Flower - Yong Junhyung | Tried To Walk - B1A4 | 1004(Angel) - B.A.P | Rain Sound - B.A.P | Always - Alphabat | Don’t Go - EXO