Andrew Choi


SBS KPOPSTAR S1 & S2 Cast - One Dream MV!

YG Family Members featured:

  • Lee Seunghoon
  • Lee Ha Yi
  • Akdong Musician (Lee Soohyun & Lee Chanhyuk)
  • Bang Ye Dam

*NOTE: Original Version of One Dream was sung by BoA ft. Henry & Key.

In Sociology today

Just before the lesson started, I had my phone out because I was checking my texts.

Girl who sits next to me: *leans over and catches a glimpse of my phone’s wallpaper* Is that your boyfriend?


Me: *poker face* Yes.

Girl who sits next to me: What’s his name?

Me: Um… Andrew.

Girl who sits next to me: Oh. He’s cute~ 

Me: Thanks 


130324 SBS Kpop Star II - f(x) Sulli Cut

Love Was Enough
  • Love Was Enough
  • Andrew Choi (앤드류 최)
  • Love Was Enough EP

Artist: Andrew Choi (앤드류 최)
Song: Love Was Enough
Album: Love Was Enough EP

Korean-American singer-songwriter and past KPOP STAR 2 contestant Andrew Choi made his official debut with this single! His Korean name is Choi Seong Hyun (최성현) and he’s a composing genius, having produced songs for artists such as SHINee, EXO, TVXQ, Shinhwa, and many more. It explains how he composed “Love Was Enough,” it’s such a good song that fits his voice.

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