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1993. The Spectral Sorrows

is the third album by band, Edge of Sanity, recorded by Bِrje Forsberg in July–August, the bassist Anders Lindberg could not record the album due to mandatory military service.

This album begins Edge of Sanity’s progression from pure death metal to a more progressive and melodic sound. For instance, clean vocals and melodic passages are now more prominent in the band’s music with one track, “Sacrificed”, being sung entirely in clean vocals, in a track which exemplifies more of a goth rock direction. The album is still mostly rooted in death metal, however.

The guitars on this album play an almost solely rhythmic role; there is very little soloing or guitar trickery used throughout. However, a wide range of techniques are used in the riffing, from tremolo picking to huge palm muted sections that challenge the listener not to turn the volume up to max and break things.Swano’s hoarse death shout is still powerful as the last two albums but feels more controlled and audible.

     Dan Swanِ     Benny Larsson    Sami Nerberg    Andreas Axelsson


July 1st, 2017: Several royals attended a party hosted by Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece in London. 

The party was apparently a celebration of many events; Pavlos & Marie’s 22nd wedding anniversary (July 1st), Princess Maria Olympia’s upcoming 21st birthday (July 25th), Crown Prince Pavlos’ 50th birthday (May 20th), and a farewell party for the family who is leaving London. 


1992. Dark Endless

is the debut album by band Marduk.  Like many early black metal albums, it mixes black metal vocals with predominantly death metal stylings. Dark Endless is the only Marduk album to feature Andreas Axelsson on vocals and Rikard Kalm on bass,  

On the whole though this is a very good record and recommended for anyone looking into the band.

Andreas Axelsson   Morgan Steinmeyer   Magnus Andersson  Rikard Kalm   Joakim Göthberg


Sometimes you need some peace and quiet. Swedish rider Andreas Axelsson leads the way on his Salomon Sick Stick.

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