Andre the Giant

[André] told me that by the time he was twelve he had already grown to a height of six feet two and 240 pounds and that he was so big that he could no longer ride on the local bus that transported the other children to school. Sometime after that, the great Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett, bought some land in Molien and decided to move there. Being a handyman as well as a farmer, Roussimoff Sr. offered to help Beckett build his country cottage and eventually the two struck up a friendship. When the playwight learned of young André’s issues with the school bus, he offered to drive the boy to school, explaining that he had a convertible - the only one in town - and thus, the only vehicle that could possibly accommodate Andre’s size. And so, for a time at least, the Noble Prize-winning author of Waiting for Godot chauffeured the young man who would eventually become the most famous wrestler in history to and from school.
—  This is the most important thing I’ve ever read.
(From Cary Elwes’ As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride)

Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven (2015)  

“This lavishly illustrated authorized biography of pro wrestling legend Andre the Giant charts his entire life from the earliest days on his family’s farm to his blockbuster feuds with the biggest wrestling stars of all time, exploring the dark side of fame and fortune along the way.”

Story: Brandon M. Easton, art: Denis Medri, colors: Davide Caci

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