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Hi Nat! I'm currently fanficing and I can't find anywhere the location of where the Stark family home is/was? Has it ever been mentioned where Tony was raised? Was it implied to be Malibu? I always assumed Tony built the Malibu house himself. If it hasn't been mentioned where would be your instinct to set it? Seeing as you know his character best. I'm deferring to your judgement. Thank you!

i don’t think it was ever mentioned in the mcu tbh? or if it was, it might have been hinted at during one of the agent carter seasons or something, i wouldn’t know because i zoned out so b a d during the parts that had anything to do with howard. if i remember this right the starks do have a new york residence that appeared on the show. anyway according to the official SHIELD file (which i take with a grain of salt because ah yeah marvel and general consistency…. lol the file is missing the one non-english language tony actually spoke on screen also the eternal 1970 birth year vs 1991 stark death year Problem… mmmmm anyway) (hello click moi) the birth place is listed as manhattan

me, personally, specifically, an Intellectual, nowadays when i rp my personal mcu/616 mix tony,

  • born in new york (personally i go with long island because i am a 616 Tony Stark Whore)
  • again, as a 616 Tony Stark Whore and most importantly as someone who obsessively projects my personal experiences on this character i choose to believe he moved around a lot while growing up (and by “growing up” i mean ages 0 to 7 because lol howard low key booted him out after that lmao anyway). some of my fav 616 iron man stories (vol. 3) took place in seattle and miami so i tell myself that baby tony spent some time on each of those places. the Main Home was in new york though (aka the house he’d come back to during school breaks or whatever) but his parents weren’t necessarily there
  • when he was seven, he technically relocated full-time to andover, MA because that’s where “phillips academy” is (aka the Boarding School, listed on the file linked above)
  • cambridge, MA during his MIT years, obviously
  • the way my personal timeline works out, tony finishes his comicbook-genius-grade levels of UNREALISTICALLY AND UNCANNILY FAST bachelor’s+doctorates combo when he’s 19
  • then he heads off to london (the “Abroad” mentioned by maria on cap 3) to get his MBA from the london business school aka one of the most prestigious in the world 
  • december of that year, his parents die
  • tony moves to california out of sheer force of a) grief-stricken desperation (since california is like literally as physically distant as you can get from new york within US borders) and b) unadulterated futurism because tbh tony’d been telling people since f o r e v e r that the silicon valley was going to become off-the-charts important very soon so that was a good place for the HQ of stark industries to be set
  • the starks already had a los angeles residence but yes. yes. the malibu mansion was a Tony Stark Acquisition (like oh my god the things…. the THINGS AND THOUGHTS that the IM1 production crew put into the design of that mansion tbh… i have the Art of IM1 book… listen…. LISTEN…. send me a reminder so i can share some Important Facts with the world later when i’m less busy/lazy i’m just gonna say…. the house was designed… as a Character Statement i’m dying this is exactly why IM1 is the True iron man movie) 
  • anyway, over the years, tony clearly gravitates between new york and california
  • ask me about my feelings re: tony’s New Yorker ™ bitterness and nostalgia while he’s in los angeles. and then also ask me about tony’s Californian ™ longing while he’s in new york. ask me about tony stark + found homes + the feeling of being eternally Misplaced (and i will one more time call this me being a 616 Tony Stark Whore [616 tony stark, aka mister Tragic Nostalgia] AND a creatively bankrupt piece of shit that projects her personal conflicts onto tony stark)
06. Ten facts about your hometown

I consider my hometown to be Andover, MA – that’s where I spent the most time as a child, even though we moved around a bit. My dad just sold his house there, and it was really sad. Anyway, here we go.

  1. The Andover police log in the Andover Townsman (newspaper) is the most hysterical column ever.
  2. Downtown consists of banks and expensive boutiques and Starbucks/Brueggers.
  3. Almost everyone in Andover is very well off financially, and every teenage girl either owns a pair of Uggs or Birkenstocks.
  4. West Andover is referred to as, “the boonies”
  5. Phillips Andover (prestigious private high school – George W. Bush went there, etc) sucks. It costs more than college should, and all the kids at Andover High refer to the P.A. kids as “catboners” and do not hesitate to yell “CATBONER” out the window while driving by the campus.
  6. There are like, three restaurants in Andover. You have to go to a neighboring town to get anything other than fancy food or Bertucci’s.
  7. There are a lot of churches in Andover, and one synagogue. Most people are at least somewhat religious, and feel very closely tied to their particular place of worship.
  8. South Church in Andover (my church growing up) had a schism (except we’re not Catholic, but same idea) based on the fact that half the church wanted to become “open and affirming” (allow gays to join the church and marry there after the state legalized it) and the other half did not want that. My dad and step-dad did a lot to help the church become an open and affirming church, and in the end it did. They were the first gay couple to be married there.
  9. On the topic of controversial issues, in my experience people in Andover are either very right-wing or very left-wing. Not really in between.
  10. Andover is kind of a Stepford town. There are pros and cons to this. I didn’t really like it in high school, but it is a very “community” based town, which I did like.

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6 May 2015: Speech gave at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA: This develops more the theme that the central issue with our Republic is the corruption of a fundamental equality, and places ultimate responsibility for fixing this on our youth. Kind of a favorite version of this line.