i wanted to re-edit this photo set and make these photos look more the way i originally wanted them to look when i first posted them last year. they’re much less saturated with purples/blues and more realistic to how that day actually looked in person. i also took out a few photos i didn’t like much anymore. the original photo set blew up so much that there’s no way this one will get anywhere close to that much attention, but i wanted to re-post them anyway :-)

andorra, pa 


No, Vegetta, no estás colado por Willy, claro que no... Eres todo un macho hetero loco por las tías, claaaro que sí...

¿¿Holaaaaa?? El que tenga pareja sabrá como es mirar a alguien a quien quieres, y es precisamente ASÍ. 

Cuéntale la broma a otros, Vegettita; a nosotros no nos engañas más ;)

(la foto no es mía, por supuesto; la he encontrado aquí. Muchos créditos a quien la haya subido primero ;))


Sport Hotels Resort & Spa - Andorra

One of Andorra’s most spectacular hotel complexes, Sport Hotels Resort & Spa nestles in the heart of Soldeu ski resort, offering direct access to Grandvalira’s ski slopes along with majestic views of the Pyrenees. The domain comprises one of the most exquisite spa and wellness centers in Europe and three independent hotels, each with its own style and services. Accommodation options vary from cozy wooden bedrooms equipped with standard amenities to lavishly decorated suites complete with private terraces and Jacuzzi, luxurious bedding, and the latest hi-tech features. The impressive 5000 m2 spa offers everything from saunas and whirlpools to the most innovative treatments and massages.