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Any other actresses you would sell your soul for besides Lana? Would like to know if we have some of them in common...

Haha Nonnie that’s a fun question…so let’s see besides Lana I totally would sell my soul for

Mariska Hargitay

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She is not just a truly beautiful woman but also an incredible actress with a big heart. She does a lot to help others and she is so funny. I probably saw every Episode of SVU (all 17 season) about four times because of her.

Kate Walsh

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I simply adore Kate she was the reason I started Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice and likely the one why I had red hair all through my high school years. I just adore her. You can’t watch in interview with her without laughing

Marg Helgenberger

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I watched everything Marg was in from China Beach to CSI to Intelligence and just loved every second. Marg is freaking talented and so pretty and I love her humour.

Rebecca Mader

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It’s Bex do I have to say anything else? Love her even more since I met her in Paris such a talented cupcake

Gillian Anderson

Oh Gillian I love her so much as Agent Scully and her interviews are almost more fun than Kate’s. And she is also such a gifted actress.

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Have some Lana for sending me such a fun ask!

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